10 Best Earbuds With Mic For Android in 2022

Welcome, In this article, we put together the best earbuds for android that feature excellent mic. This piece will not comprise ordinary earbuds with regular mic but will showcase the earphones with the best mic for android.

This way, if your current ear headphones don't pack the best microphone technology or if you plan on getting an earbud with an excellent microphone, you should have a hassle-free selection process. 

# Top 5 Best Earbuds With Mic For Android in the Market – Editor’s Pick

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Rumixi Wireless Earbuds


Monster Wireless Earbuds


Occiam T17





Here is the list of the best earbuds with microphone for android.

Rumixi Wireless Earbuds

This set of truly wireless ear headphones features a built-in mic for android and good battery life. It allows users to charge the earbuds 17 times with the freedom to charge your android device a maximum of three times. 


Bluetooth 5.0 & One-Step Pairing

The latest Bluetooth technology with incredible pairing speed, stable connection, and signal transmission (50ft no-obstacle range) is what Rumixi is offering with these best wireless earbuds. You don't need the pair of these wireless ear headphones before you can activate the Bluetooth function. This rugged device works with Tablets, Laptops, Androids smartphones, and iOS.

Easy Touch Control

These active noise-canceling earbuds support easy touch controls to minimize your ears' pressure when you touch the button for various functions. The touch program performs different tasks depending on the number of times you hit it. There is a single touch (non-function), while the double touch to play/pause songs; this will reduce the rate of inaccurate touch or touch by mistakes.

Secure Fit & IPX7 Waterproof

These truly wireless ear headphones Feature an Ultra-lightweight in-ear design to guarantee stability and comfort. Sweat and rain have no way of getting into the Rumix earbuds; they are repelled through the sealed shell and interior Nano coating.

These earbuds are perfect for running, workout, hiking, jogging, biking, yoga, and traveling. Your earbuds with a mic are guaranteed to stay in place with any of the three different ear cap sizes provided.

80-Hour Battery life & 2200 mAh Portable Charging Box

Rumixi says that these earbuds with mic can be charged 15-19 times. The charging box is equipped with a built-in 2000 mAh battery, and it can also charge your smartphone 1-2 times. You should enjoy over 152 hours of continuous songs and 60 hours of playing time with a charging case with these wireless headphones. The charging case can be carried along anywhere. The small and sleek design makes it easy to put in any pocket or bag, making it almost impossible to run out of power while on the go.

Mono & Stereo Mode

The earbuds support free switching. It can work with two devices separately in mono mode or be used together as a stereo mode pair. These earbuds also bring you hands-free calling convenience and the opportunity to share good times with your lover or friend. 


  • These ear headphones with mic are worth the price
  • They are the best comfort to wear earbuds with a mic
  • The sound quality is great
  • Plenty of hours of battery life


  • The microphone isn't top-notch
  • The touch on these noise-canceling earbuds is too sensitive
  • Bluetooth connection doesn't cover long distance

Monster Wireless Earbuds

This silicone comfortable to wear earbuds come with two powerful microphones. It also offers a truly wireless charging feature.


Best sound Earbuds with Mic

With about 40 years of experience in sound engineering, monster's unique Pure and balanced Sound Technology has been fine-tuned to deliver the best and most impactful audio quality. Monster Earbuds brings you closer to the voice behind the sound; it's like being in the front of the artist, either on stage or in the studio with them. It doesn't matter whether you listen to songs, podcasts, or on a call; you get sound quality as you've never heard of before.

Each set of these earbuds is equipped with two microphones and a 9th generation microphone noise reduction tech. There is also noise cancellation technology; this makes it suitable for the home office because of its incredible call quality. During calls, the ambient noise is reduced by 80%, and 95% of the sound is retained, making hearing louder and more transparent from the other end.  

Charging Technology with 360° Rotatable Charging Box

You get to enjoy listening to music for 11 hours with a volume level of 50% with just a single charge. The usage time can be extended to 44 hours while using the portable charging box. After about 5 minutes of charging the charging box, you get to enjoy a full hour of use; this will come in handy if you forget to charge the earbuds before you leave home for the gym. Unlike most charging packs on the market, it can be rotated 360° to protect the earplugs better. 

The best Wireless Earphones With Mic with Bluetooth 5.0

Once you take these wireless in-ear headphones out of the charging box, they automatically connect to the last device used. Monster is calling this the Auto-reconnect Technology. It will simplify the connecting process. The connection speed and transmission speed are also super fast. Each earbud has an independent microphone; this makes the binaural high definition call clearer and matches the noise reduction level.

Multi-Function Button and a Personalized Customization

The Multi-Function button makes it convenient for you to control songs. The left and right earphones are equipped with a multi-function button and answer/end phone calls. Finding the ear tips that suit your ears isn't a problem since three different sizes of ear tips are available; they include the Small, Medium, and Large. One out of these three should fit into your ears perfectly.

Four Built-in Mics for Noise cancellation with Excellent IPX5 Water Resistance Feature

With these true wireless earphones with mic, you get two high-performance microphones built on each earbud; this matches the noise reduction technology.

These best earbuds with mic are IPX5 sweat and waterproof. They are suitable for work, travel, sports, and fitness. You can also make hands-free Stereo Calls. Additionally, songs and calls can also be managed with ease. Information can be gotten from your voice assistant just at the touch of a button.


  • Wireless charging and fast charging is a big plus
  • Decent microphone quality 
  • Noise cancellation tech is a plus.


  • The connectivity range is on the downside.

Occiam T17

These are great lightweight earbuds for android with a foldable microphone. They also pack noise isolating and noise-canceling features for the listener.


Superior Deep Bass and Stereo Sound.

These true wireless earbuds with mic were developed based on the latest sound technology. The Music is clear and smooth and packs a deep bass. The manufacturers of the Occiam ear headsets use a graphene-coated driver in the fabrication of the device. With this, the sound quality is increased considerably. There is no delay or distortion in the sound of receiving calls and listening to music.

Stereo sounds can be synched with the Occiam earbuds for 3D Music and movies, making you feel the emotions in the Music or films.

Switch between Left/Right Earbud with Easy and Automatic Pairing Function

Occiam wireless earbuds come with advanced Bluetooth Pairing Technology. You can switch between the left or right earbuds at will. When you decide to place one earbud in the case while listening to Music in a single-mode, there is no single effect on the earbud's other connection. Pairing problems have also have been eliminated with these earbuds. After the first pairing, Occiam wireless earbuds automatically sync with your device once you open the charging case; this makes sure you don't have to wait before you enjoy your buds.

Noise Cancelling Technology, Long battery life, and playtime 

With the Occiam Bluetooth ear headphones, ambient noise is reduced a great deal. These best earbuds with mic feature the latest CVC 8.0 noise-canceling Technology. It also captures and delivers the most authentic voice from you to your listeners during phone calls. 

Occiam Bluetooth earbuds can play continuously for 6 hours per charge. This immersive listening experience lasts for at least 36 hours when you consider the charging features of the earbuds casing. 

Comfortable and Secure with a Durable and Portable Charging Box

After Occiam researched the human ear canal by using thousands of human test subjects, they adopted a streamlined design that perfectly fits every ear.

The charging case is made from silver metal; this makes the case Anti Fall and comfortable to hold. Also, this case can withstand a drop from a height of 6ft/72In. It occupies only a very little space in your pocket; this makes it portable and easy to access at any given time. 

IPX5 Sweat and Water Proof fast Charge with USB type-C

Occiam noise-canceling wireless headphones are known to be genuinely nano-scale sweat and water Proof. Occiam V8.0 wireless earbuds can be taken anywhere and used during sweaty workouts or rainy walks. Even when dripping with sweat, your earbuds are kept in good shape and still functions well due to the Nano-coating.

These wireless earbuds come with a USB-C cable to charge the charging case. The Charging Box indicator will flash red when this Bluetooth earbuds case is on a low battery.

Smart Touch Control

With Occiam wireless earbuds, there is a touch control feature that makes these true wireless earbuds easy to use. It can be used to reject and receive calls. Voice assistant can also be activated and can be used to forward or reverse songs.


  • They are super light and comfortable
  • These earbuds give a satisfactory feeling when in use
  • It comes with a durable and portable charging box that can be carried around freely


  • Battery life is terrible
  • Sound can get muffled


With four microphones, IPX7 water resistance, and USB-C fast charge of than 2 hours, the AUKEY EP T27 is also able to deliver premium sound to the ears of any music lover.


Broad Compatibility with IPX7 Sweat and Water Proof

With its advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, the Aukey EP T-27 is compatible with every Bluetooth device. TheAukey EP-27 is also designed to be IPX7 sweat and water-resistant; this makes it suitable for very intense workout sessions.

It also comes with a comfortable & Secure Fit with Ambient Sound Enabling Feature Gives all-day comforts through its streamlined body designs. With the ambient sound features that these noise-canceling earbuds provide, you can still rock both earbuds without worrying about not hearing what is going on around you.

Voice Assistant, Type-C USB port and Stunning Stereo Sound

The voice assistant on this set of in-ear headphones option can be activated to play your favorite track. There is also USB support for type- C Charging to give you quick charge features anytime, anywhere.

Clear Calls, One-Step Connection 

The Aukey Ep-27 has four (4) microphones (2 sets per earbud). It also comes with CVC 8.0 noise reduction Technology to remove background noise; this way, when you pick up your voice calls, you sound clearer to the person or persons on the other end of the call.

You also need a one-time pairing setup. Every other time you open the charging case, the earbuds turn on and connect automatically with your phone.

25-Hour playtime, and you get to sleep comfortably

Enjoy full 5 hours of listening on a single charge and then an extended 25 hours of playtime when the charging case is used to charge these true wireless in-ear headphones. It also fully recharges in 2 hours with the availability of USB-C fast charging.

Aukey Wireless earbuds offer a comfortable experience while it's plugged in when you sleep. Even when you toss and roll on the bed, it stays fitted into the ears.


  • You get good battery life and sound quality
  • Comes with a clean matte design
  • Good for casual listening
  • IPX7water-resistant
  • Strong wireless connection
  • Low price range


  • The lid for the casing needs to be better
  • The Buttons are sensitive


Hi-fi sound quality, touch control, and the latest Bluetooth Earphones technology with a wireless charging box is some of the features you get when you use the Tozo T6.


Super lightweight and Ergonomically Design

The Tozo T6 best earbuds with mic are lighter and smaller than a penny, with a weight of 4.5g. It also comes with a Streamlined design and flexible gel silicone ear tips to ensure that your Ear Headphones fit perfectly well and are comfortable to use

Bluetooth 5 0 Technology, Easy Touch Control, and One-step pairing

Tozo T6 features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which is excellent for calls and ensures the best stereo sound quality. The Tozo T6 also comes with support for AVRCP, HSP, A2DPZ, HFP and offers a stable and fast transmission speed over long distances. These best earbuds favor the touch control feature over the traditional buttons; this makes them more convenient than other button Earbuds. With the Tozo T6, you should also enjoy 30ft range connection when no obstacle is insight. These wireless ear headphones automatically connect whenever you pick them up from the charging box.

Super lightweight with the best Hi-FI Stereo Sound Quality

With the Tozo T6, you get to enjoy a real natural sound, together with a bass performance that is hard to compete with it. The earbuds are also super lightweight and truly wireless. You could put them in your pockets and take it with you wherever you go.

IPX8 Waterproof Protection. 

The charging case and the earbuds have an IPX8 waterproof Nano-coating, which protects the earbuds from sweat and water. It is not ideal for swimming, but it is a perfect fit for running, skiing, and daily workouts.

Charging Case Supports Wireless Charging and Charge on-the-go.

The charging case provided is compatible with many wireless charging device technologies today; this creates a more convenient charging method. You should also enjoy more than 6 hours of playtime from a single charge and even 24 hours bonus while using the compact charging box.


  • Good sound Quality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Waterproof Technology


  • Charging box not portable
  • No volume controls for sound

Letsfit T15

Letsfit T15, noise-isolating ear headphone with in-built microphone is IPX5 waterproof certified.


Bluetooth 5.0 headphones Technology with an Ergonomic and Streamlined Body

Ensuring a fast and stable connection with its advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology while still consuming minimal power, the LETsfit T15 is truly the best wireless in-ear headset. Additionally, the Single and Twin Modes Earbuds can either be used independently for either music or voice calls while you remain focused on the task at hand.

Superb Sound Quality and Ultra-Long Battery Life and Waterproof

These buds with mic give you the best music quality and let you enjoy crystal clear phone calls. All this is possible due to the two 10mm large-aperture dynamic drivers sitting inside the headphones. You get 4-5 hours of non-stop Music with the LETsfit T15, while with the charging case, you should expect an extra 25 hours of music playtime. These hands-free earbuds are the perfect fit for intense workout situations.

Touch Control can't get smarter than what you get with the LETsfit T15.

An automatic connection to your android device is also guaranteed once the Bluetooth 5.0 earphones are out of the charging case. Even smart control technology is not only limited to songs; it also extends to phone calls.


  • Great performance
  • Noise-canceling with balanced sound
  • Long-Lasting battery life


  • It is on the heavy side


Kurdene true wireless balance sound earbuds ensure stable voice quality calls and also packs a high definition mic. 


Superior Music and sound quality

The Kurdene ear headphones feature a dynamic driver that delivers the best bass and optimum treble levels. This model is equipped with the latest moving-coil Horn Loudspeaker. It also gives you the best call quality and stable transmission that you can get on any ear headphones. Other notable features include the built-in high definition microphone and an immersive sound to get the songs into you. Kurdene has Hi-Fi sound quality, Deep bass, and 3D surround stereo. With this, the sounds come to life, making you feel like you are in a live concert.

Bluetooth 5.0 Chip

With the latest most Advanced Bluetooth 5 0 and Wireless Stereo (TWS) Technology on both Bluetooth Earphones, you have no other choice than to enjoy a stable connection and stable signal transmission from the Kurdene wireless ear headphones. You get up to 50ft of fluid connection when there is no-obstacle in range. There is also faster and easier pairing with the Kurdene S8. An automatic connection is at your fingertips when you bring the two earbuds out or any single earbud after opening the Bluetooth Function.

Longer Battery Life

With Kudene, you get 450mAh battery capacity with a rechargeable charging box. You should be able to get over 6 hours of Music playing time with a single charge. The earbuds also consume minimal power. They can be recharged with the portable charging box an additional four times even after a single full charge.

Easy Touch Control

The pressure on your ears is significantly minimized when the button is touched for various functions. Special software has been adopted on the touch program. The single and double touch perform different functions; this way, contact by mistakes is effectively reduced.

IPX8 Waterproof

Kurdene S8 True Wireless Earbuds are protected from sweat and rain with its IPX8 waterproof Technology, the latest in waterproof technology. It has also been tested by submerging in water with a depth of 5.0'/1.0 m for close to 30 minutes. An additional impressive feature is that the Charging Box is also IPX6 waterproof.

Customizable Design 

All-day comfort is all you get with the Kurdene S8. The Earbuds were designed to fit perfectly and comfortably in your ear with an ergonomic design. There are 6 Pairs of ear Caps for you to try ( Sizes S/M/L).


  • It is affordable with a substantial connection range
  • Active noise isolation and canceling Technology


  • Switching from audio to phone isn't fluid


Beben Earbuds gets you a playtime of about 30hours when you use the charging box and extra features like the excellent touch Control and a working temperature of -10℃- 60℃.


Long-lasting Battery Life

These Earbuds can give you 6 hours of music with a single charge. In total, you get 30hours of music time when you use the charging case. 

IP68 Waterproof Protection and Sweat Protection

With IP68 Waterproof Nano-coating, which efficiently protects the earbuds and charging case from water and sweat, you don't have to worry about your Earbuds getting damaged by water. Fortunately, the charging case is also equipped with IP68. They are the perfect Earbuds for workouts, running, and exercising. These best Ear headphones can be used to bathe, swim, but it's advised that you don't dip the ear headphones inside the water.

Excellent button control and step Pairing Function

With BEBEN-X8, you get button controls instead of the new touch control feature. These buttons control the volume of songs and calls. Songs can also either be forwarded or reversed.

After opening the Bluetooth function on your device, simply take out both or one of the earbuds, and you will be automatically connected. BEBEN-X8 can connect with Laptop, iPad, Android Smartphones, iPhone, and also talk to SIRI.

USB Type-C fast Charge and Bluetooth 5.0 with a reversible Type C connector are all included with the charging case. The device also supports the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, which also provides stereo sounds while making calls.

Reality Sound, Noise Cancellation, True Wireless Stereo, and Comfortable Wearing

These truly wireless ear headphones make it feel like you are in a live concert. You get to enjoy the 3D skin Effect and Binaural Stereo Effect. Your worries about wires entangling together are now a thing of the past with the BEBEN true wireless ear headphones.


  • They are comfortable to wear
  • They come with long-Lasting Battery life
  • Good Audio Quality


  • Transmission range is short; about 10m


Boltune's True Wireless earbuds boast of being affordable, water-resistant, and promise to get you to enjoy up to 40 hours of total playtime.


Superior Sound Quality

The Boltune ear headphones come with noise isolation that delivers precise and flawless in-ear call quality with its inbuilt 6mm Dynamic drivers speakers. It also packs a deep, resonant bass that ensures that you are feeling every beat.

IPX8 Level Waterproof

The device is almost impenetrable by rain and sweat due to its Nano coating Technology. It is perfect for workouts, jogging, yoga, exercising, running. Boltune says that you can clean the earbuds with water, and they will not be damaged. 

Light, Compact, and Easy to use

These earbuds are so light that it's so easy to forget that they are on your ears. They also do not exert pressure on the ears, making them suitable for all day use. The simplicity in design and ease of use makes the earbuds perfect for anybody. The wireless Earbuds connects with your device automatically once the charging box is opened. You also get 2x faster transmission and more stable connectivity with no signal loss or sound breaking. 

Forty hours of playtime, good battery life, and High-level music quality

While you can enjoy 6 hours of playing time with these earbuds, you also stand to enjoy an additional 34 hours of Music when you use the charging box. There is also USB Type-C fast charge technology included.


  • Long-lasting Battery Life
  • USB Type-C Charging Features
  • Streamlined Body design


  • Plastic build that is not durable.
  • The bass overpowers audio quality. 


One-click manipulation function, long-lasting battery life, and up to 15 meters connection distance are some of the great features you get with Lasuney true wireless earbuds.


The Best Stable Bluetooth 5.0 Connection available

LASUNEY Wireless Bluetooth Earphones adopt the most advanced Bluetooth 5 0 Technology; this supports HFP, AVRCP, HSP, A2DP. Simply connect the LASUNEY T30V to your device after picking up your earphones from the charging box. Also, you get to enjoy a stable connection between a distance range of 15m from your device to your Bluetooth headset.

Extra Long Lasting Battery Life

With the 1500mAh charging box, you get 60hours of battery life while using the earphone, and you get 5hours with every complete earbud charge. The Charging Box can be fully charged within 3 hours while charging the earphones about ten times.

No Master Earbuds and One-Click Manipulation

You can choose to use any of these true wireless Bluetooth Earphones in single mode. You can also easily switch between Single Ear Mode and Binaural Mode. Your music and volume controls can be adjusted with just one button after you're connected. You can also accept or decline calls with only one button.

IPX8 WATERPROOF while giving off Authentic sound

These earphones function well during intense workout sessions that bring out sweat. it is packed with the latest waterproof technology available

LASUNEY Wireless Bluetooth Earphones offer truly and natural, authentic sound and comes with effective noise-canceling tech.


  • Extended Battery life
  • Authentic and Satisfying sound


  • The charger case is heavy

We Pick

By their Features

In our search for the best earbuds with a mic for android, we had to carry out significant routine research on the earphones' features on our list. The first and most important feature on the list was the number of mics and the mic's durability. We selected earbuds with reliable inbuilt microphones that will guarantee that the person on the other end doesn't have to keep asking you to repeat yourself

Another important feature we looked at critically was the earbuds' ability to cancel out and isolate noise.

Also, we took note of additional features like the Bluetooth range of the earbuds, the battery capacity, the design, and how comfortable they will be to use. After we took note of all these, we moved on to the next step.


In our search for the best earbuds with a mic, we also took note of the prices of the available in-ear headphones that were in stock. We know how difficult it can be to get affordable earbuds that will still carry out essential functions without complaints from users. Nevertheless, we were able to find some of them. Many of the earphones we picked were lower than the $50 mark, with the Monster earbuds being the only exception of $79.99 on amazon. When you compare these prices to the famous apple AirPods pro, you will see that you are saving a great deal of money and still getting the best value.

Popularity and User Review

Users' popularity and reviews were also important factors that helped us determine the best earbuds with mic. Manufacturers can say many things and boast that their product is the best, but we found out that user reviews always tell the truth. So we picked the best earbuds that had the most customers that were satisfied with their purchases. We also tried not to get reviews from people who have either been paid to leave a 5-star rating or paid by competition to leave a bad rating. We selected people who were verified to have purchased these products.


As we have seen, several best earbuds can be used with your Android device. I bet you thought the apple AirPods pro was the only one that could offer such beautiful and high-quality tech and reduce background noise.

The incredible thing is that you do not have to break the bank to get these noise-canceling earbuds with mic, unlike its Apple AirPods pro counterpart. When you decide to purchase any earbud with a mic in the near or distant future, ensure that each pair comes with more than one inbuilt mic. You should also look out for active noise isolation and cancellation technology.

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