13 Best Routers For Parental Controls in 2022

Nowadays the internet is available to everyone. You just can't refrain your children from watching online content via gadgets. But as we all know, along with the bright side, the internet has a dark side too that can undoubtedly influence the kids' mindset. So the parents are always anxious about how to get rid of such an unexpected case. Here comes the importance of routers with parental controls.

As a parent, you always expect your kids to grow up in a healthy environment. Sometimes for being busy at work, you can't look after your children all the time. For this reason, we suggest you use a parental control router to keep your kids safe from any inappropriate contents according to their age. Here we will review the best parental control routers available on the market:

# Top 5 Best Routers For Parental Controls in the Market – Editor’s Pick

Product Name




Circle Home Plus


Guardian Advanced Protection


Bark Home


Speedefy AC2100 Smart WiFi Router


TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7)


Circle Home Plus

The first control router in our list is Circle Home Plus. It is compatible with almost every device. You can use it via Wi fi and the built-in backup battery won't allow your cunning kids to bypass it easily. The parental control router comes with several basic and premium features that you can enjoy as per your subscription.


  • Circle home plus has a content filtering option to choose them according to the age and interest of everyone in your family
  • It has a comparison option to check out the usage of your control router at different times
  • The history option will allow you to have a look at the visited sites for the whole day
  • Weights 1.12 pounds only, making it very lightweight to carry
  • Subscription for 1-year costs $120 that offers all the premium features
  • You can even control the time limits of the screen time of your children
  • With the bedtime feature, you can scroll any past content at midnight
  • The advance offtime option allows you to enjoy family time at the weekends
  • You can pause the internet to avoid any unanticipated case
  • By setting up the location, you can track the devices of your family members
  • Pros:

    • Circle home plus is easy to set and configuring the router is also simple
    • You can connect it with any device, for example, mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and others
    • It has a backup Lithium-ion battery to prevent the control router from getting bypassed by any children at your home
    • The network is fast enough to manage a 1GB Ethernet port
    • A wireless router that lessens your hassles
    • Manageable with different apps like Netflix, Instagram, Snapchat, etc


    • Supports only 802.11n Wi-Fi

    Guardian Advanced Protection

    If you need a parental control router with plenty of advanced parental control features, Guardian advanced protection is the right choice for you.  It is a wireless wifi router that provides nonstop security service at home. With so many specifications and a large coverage area, this one is the best parental control router with a reasonable price range.


  • Guardian advanced protection comes with a content filtering option that can block 1.2 million sites located on Gryphon
  • With the parental control router, you can view browser history, allowing the parents to monitor what kids are watching. Even after deleting history, you can check it out via Gryphon storage
  • Covers up to 1800 square feet, making it ideal for a medium home
  • It has a Bedtime feature that will allow you to schedule the screen time
  • You can suspend the internet anytime to control the internet usage of your family fully
  • Weights 15.2 ounces, making it a lightweight router to carry anywhere
  • Connectable with 1 WAN port and 1 Gigabit LAN port
  • Can work with dual-band radios simultaneously: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Includes both 3 months and 6 months subscription facility
  • Pros:

    • The control router provides a reliable home network with 24/7 security protection
    • Easy setup and installation process to start functioning the router 
    • There is a safe searching option to keep the children free of adult contents 
    • Offers smart network management and separate guest wifi facility 
    • Has the prioritization of a particular device with zero videos buffering 
    • Advanced internet protection with ESET technology that secures your devices 
    • With wifi mesh setup, the wi fi range becomes impressive 
    • Covers up to 1800 square feet with 1.2 Gbps 


    • DNS lose takes place repeatedly

    Bark Home

    Our next recommendation in this best parental control router review list is Bark Home. It is an award-winning safety device of Bark technologies to keep the children free of inappropriate web content. If you want to enable a cell network alongside wi-fi to manage the safety of your home devices, Bark home is the best parental control router that perfectly suits your requirements.


  • It has a web filtering tool to choose the right web contents for your kids
  • Screen time management will help you set time limits for each family member to have access to the internet
  • Integrable with Bark app that is usable on both Android and iOS
  • Location check-in feature will allow using the device from anywhere
  • Comes with two different packages: one for $79, the other for $149
  • Weights 9.5 ounces that makes it a lightweight router
  • Bedtime and school time options to control when your children can access the internet
  • Pros:

    • Works on multiple devices from laptop to Playstation
    • One of the top quality parental control routers to keep your devices secure incessantly
    • Ideal for kids, making their internet experience safe
    • Can be operated with both cell network and wifi
    • Capable of setting up between cable router and wifi router


    • The number of devices that this control router supports is insufficient
    • Disappointing net speed while operating multiple devices

    Speedefy AC2100 Smart WiFi Router

    Many parents want to have a wi-fi router with fast and swift speed and various quality parental controls. In that case, Speedefy AC2100 is arguably the best parental control router that comes with endless features. With several connectivity facilities, you can operate the dual-band router as per your wish.


  • Supports 2100M (1733Mbps/5GHz + 300Mbps/2.4GHz) dual band gigabit WiFi.
  • Comes with 7*6dBi External Antennas and 4*4 MU-MIMO
  • There are WPA2 protocols to offer reliable internet security 
  • Isolated guest wi fi option to maintain device safety of all
  • Worked with both Speedefy app and browser
  • Packed with wi fi router, power adapter, ethernet cable, and a quick start guide in the box
  • Pros:

    • Easy installation process to set up the router in only 5 minutes.
    • Can transfer data up to 2100 Megabytes per second with 5 GHz, allowing a strong and powerful internet connection
    • With a dual-core CPU, you get outstanding wireless speed to stream video, games or perform web browsing comfortably
    • It has a connectivity option for more than 25+ devices
    • A perfect gaming router with a faster gaming experience, thanks to 4*4 MU-MIMO technology.


    • Not supported by Apple since iOS 10

    TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7)

    If you use the internet in your day-to-day life, you are well-aware of Tplink, the world's no.1 wifi company. In case, you require a router with parental controls that can connect to a large number of devices, Tp-link gives you one of its well-specified dual band wi fi router Tp-Link AC1750 with the integration of a mesh system.


  • Weights 14.9 ounces, making it relatively light to carry
  • Covers up to 2500 square feet
  • Works with the Tether app, which is simple and intuitive to operate
  • Contains 3 external antennas to provide long-range wifi 
  • Comes with an integrated USB port to use as a media server
  • With 4 Gigabit LAN ports, the connection remains stable
  • Compatible to Alexa voice control to control guest wifi
  • Supports all operating systems, including Windows 8/8.1/10, Mac OS, Linux
  • Advanced WPA/WPA2 security encryption for safe device connectivity
  • Can connect more than 50+ devices
  • Costs $56.99 per year
  • Pros:

    • Easy to set and management of the router to lessen your hassles.
    • One of the best parental control routers for offering 24/7 technical support for free
    • Smooth and uninterrupted gaming and streaming facility
    • Ideal as a gaming router for hardcore gamers
    • Works as a mesh router, keeping a stable home network.
    • Data transfer rate of 1750 Mbps per second, making it perfect for any type of streaming
    • A great value for money


    • Can cause issues while playing multiplayer online games

    TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System(Deco M5)

     When you have a large home, you need a parental router to cover a wide range of connections without interruption. TP-link Deco Mesh Wifi System (Deco M5) is going to be one of the best parental control routers for you to provide a stable network throughout your home. It is a dual-band router with advanced parental controls to offer a satisfactory internet connection.


  • Weighs only 1.08 pounds
  • Comes with three units to work seamlessly
  • Has two auto sensor gigabit ethernet ports
  • Works with mesh network by covering up to 5000 square feet
  • Controllable by Alexa to instruct over voice for specific reasons
  • Creates user profiles for members of the family
  • Has a content filtering option to stop internet access to specific web content
  • It is workable with only one wi fi name and password
  • Antivirus enabled to restrain from malicious links and adult content
  • Provides Time limits to control the use of the internet by kids
  • Offers QoS feature to prioritize devices with faster internet speed
  • Comes in two different packages: $117.99 for 2 pack and 149.99 for 3 pack
  • Pros:

    • Easy to set and manage in minutes via Tp-link Deco app
    • Integrable with both Android and iOS
    • Can connect up to 100 devices
    • With the mesh system, it offers better coverage than many traditional routers
    • Secured and safe network with a free lifetime subscription to TP-Link HomeCare
    • Provides 24/7 technical support for 2 years


    • Might crash if connected with too many devices

    TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX50)

     Not much device work on next-generation wi fi 6 technology. But in Archer AX50 of Tp-link, your home network experience will reach another level via wi-fi 6. It is a dual-band gigabit router made to establish a strong network and advanced level parental controls at home.


  • Weights 1.23 pounds, pretty light in weight
  • Wi fi 6 enabled with 3x faster speeds, 4x capacity, and 75% lower latency than Wi-Fi 5
  • Works on Intel's dual-core CPU, providing smooth and buffer-free internet usage
  • 4 stream dual-band router allows speeding up to 3 Gaps, offering faster gaming and streaming experience
  • With user profiles, you can keep the information of every one of the family
  • Allows blocking adult web content by content filtering option
  • By setting time limits of the devices of each family person, you can manage device usage of every one
  • Provides reports where you can check out the visited sites
  • Has the option of suspension of wi-fi usage during family time
  • It is supportive of all types of devices
  • Offers advanced security with a free lifetime subscription to TP-Link HomeCare­
  • It is purchasable via three packages: $129.99, $149.33, and $276.33
  • Pros:

    • Easy to set with Tp-link Tether app
    • With OFDMA technology, you can connect more devices than ever
    • Provides 3x faster performance with lag-free video streaming and gaming
    • Offers reliable coverage by dint of Beamforming and four antennas working together
    • With Target Wake Time (TWT), you get an increased battery life


    • Requires subscription to enjoy the full functionality

    WAVLINK WiFi Router AC3000

    Until now, we reviewed various dual-band routers and other parental control routers with four antennas. Here comes the first tri-band gigabit router with extensive parental controls. The wireless router supports various advanced technology to provide high-quality performance to the users.


  • Works with tri-band technology for connection with more devices
  • Contains 8 x 5dBi Omni-Directional Antennas, offering improved wireless performance
  • A simultaneous connection that is combined with 5GHz 867Mbps+1733Mbps and 2.4GHz 400Mbps connections for 3000Mbps
  • Has a USB 3.0 port to share files
  • Works with MU-MIMO technology to connect multiple devices at a time
  • There is a guest wi fi option with no password access
  • 1-year guarantee and 30-day money-back option
  • By using a dual processor, the parental control router provides optimized performance
  • Pros:

    • Convenient installation process just by touching the "WAVLINK" logo and connect.
    • Superior user experience with outstanding speed and Omni-directional coverage
    • Allowance of connecting multiple devices without any buffer
    • Superb 4k video streaming and online gaming performance, handled by two different band


    • With 3.72 pounds, it is slightly heavy than other parental control routers
    • No online support

    ASUS RT-AX92U AX6100

     ASUS RT-AX92U AX6100 is another tri-band router with parental controls that is manageable via wi fi 6. This is the best parental control router made by Asus. With plenty of advanced control features, Asus RT-AX92U AX6100 gives four different packages of the variable price range.


  • Can be connected with both wi fi and ethernet ports
  • The combination of OFDMA and MU-MIMO with Wi fi 6, the parental control router ensures stable and fast data transmission
  • Works with Alexa to command various instructions via voice
  • With AiMesh technology, the mesh router establishes a strong connection at home by setting up a powerful mesh system
  • Keeps the network of everyone's device protected via AiProtection Pro
  • With the Asus router app, you can monitor and operate your parental router controls very easily
  • Has four different packages
  • Pros:

    • Works on all types of operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS.
    • Easy to set up and control every feature via the mobile device app.
    • Securing the internet access of every family member by AiProtection Pro network security.
    • Compatible with mesh wifi system for an extremely stable and much wider coverage at home.
    • With AiMesh technology, the control router establishes an improved signal strength and the seamless connection.
    • In AiMesh AX6100, you can get Wifi 4 and Wifi 5 alongside Wifi 6 networking for a flexible wifi network that supports all types of devices.
    • With an ultra-fast wi fi speed of about 4804 Mbps on the 5 GHz -2 band, it is the best parental control for a smooth gaming and video streaming experience.
    • OFDMA support in the 802.11ax wifi allows signal transmission simultaneously from multiple devices, resulting in a much responsive wi-fi experience.


    • Slow refresh rate while saving changes.
    • Connection drop takes place after connecting to many devices.

    D-Link WiFi Router AC1900

    Here comes another impressive dual-band parental control router on the list that provides a sophisticated home wi fi connection. It is one of the most iconic dual-band routers with parental control features at an eminent level. Using any of the eight different packages, you can set up an incessant home network as per your preference by this mesh router.


  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Comes with 4-gigabit ports for a faster internet speed
  • MU-Mimo integration of the control router allows connecting to more devices without any issue
  • Provides up to 3, 000 square feet of coverage with the combination of a single dir-l1900 and  ac1900 dual-band wi-fi
  • Works on a mesh wifi system, establishing a fast and reliable wifi network
  • Connects to a single wi fi name, making an optimized connection at home
  • Can connect four devices at a time, providing minimal latency
  • Pros:

    • One of the best parental control routers enriched with sophisticated wifi technology, thanks to a combination of various technologies
    • Easy to set and manage via D-link wifi app
    • Offers a fast and smooth wifi speed at households by delivering 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz+1300 Mbps on 5 GHz.
    • The pairing of d-link routers and extenders ensures a wider wifi coverage at home
    • A budget-friendly router with plenty of parental controls
    • Provides smooth and streamlined network via smart connect technology


    • Signal strength becomes weaker when connected with multiple devices

    Tenda AC23 Smart WiFi Router

    When you have a big home, you need to buy the best parental control router in the market with wide WiFi coverage. Tenda AC23 is an ideal pick for you to cover your home comfortably. Its extendable antennas and signal amplifier assure an enhanced performance all around the house. With various parental control features, it can fulfill all the requirements you want to have in your device.


  • Alexa controlled device to instruct over voice
  • Can be connectable via wifi, ethernet ports, WLAN, LAN
  • Supports 802.11ac wave 2 technology to provide fast wifi speed
  • Works with 4*4 MU-MIMO technology, providing a wider wifi coverage
  • Uses both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands of AC23 by combining them into a single SSID
  • Has 7*6 dBi antennas for a better wifi signal
  • Supports IPV6, shortening data transmission time to make games more enjoyable
  • Works with 28nm 1 GHz super dual-core processor to bring a faster processing speed
  • Pros:

    • Can be set up easily via Tenda wifi app
    • Connects around 25-35 devices at a time
    • Links between smart home devices to manage your home network
    • A perfect gaming router with superior wifi speed
    • Provides increased and stable signal throughout the home by dint of 5 GHz extension
    • Has various advanced parental controls with features like Access the internet control, a VPN server for an optimized performance


    • The 5 GHz signal often keeps dropping     

    Synology RT2600AC Wi-Fi Gigabit Router

    Synology RT2600ac is a product of Synology that is earning a place among the best parental control routers for its outstanding performance. To maintain safe and secure internet usage at your home both for adults and kids, this control router will impress you for sure.

    The device not only has advanced parental control features but also has integration with various technologies to provide a powerful wifi performance at home.


  • It Covers 3, 000 square feet, making it a perfect control router for a big home
  • Operates at a temperature from 5°C to 40°C
  • Contains powerful 4*4 802.11ac wave 2 radios that work with MU-MIMO to establish a fast wi fi speed
  • With multimedia add-ons, you can transform the control router into a centralized multimedia server
  • Has a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor for rapid wi fi speed
  • Comes with content filtering option to set the web contents according to your preference
  • Works with intrusion prevention, denial of service protection, firewall management to safeguard the network system
  • Allows setting up user profiles for family persons with a few clicks only
  • Uses dual WAN for local balancing and failover support
  • Works as a private cloud server with advanced file sharing capability
  • Pros:

    • Simple and intuitive setup method, thanks to the Synology Router Manager (SRM)
    • With advanced traffic monitoring tools, you can shape the data flow in your network
    • Assures a breakthrough wireless seed via MU-MIMO technology
    • Integrating with VPN plus, RT2600ac serves as a powerful VPN server to create a smooth connection
    • Offers a safe and secure network via various strong security tools


    • Fails connecting to Windows 10 Pro often  

    WAVLINK AC3200 Smart WiFi Router

    If you want to purchase a router with parental controls made by an award-winning designer,  here is our suggestion: WAVLINK AC3200 Smart Wifi Router. It is a dual-band wireless router that possesses 23 different advanced parental controls for the convenience of the parents. 


  • Has a display on top, showing 6 key pieces of information: wifi speed, device list, Wi-Fi info, weather report,  router info, port info.
  • With parental control, you can manage internet access for each person in your family
  • Website blocking feature will allow filtering the inappropriate websites and contents
  • Contains 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect devices where one is a WAN port and the other three are LAN ports.
  • Has eight amplified antennas and a Broadcom chip that bring the improved signal
  • Can create personal cloud storage to have internet access from anywhere
  • Enables MU-MIMO to handle multiple devices at a time
  • Allows using a guest network and built-in DHCP server with the distribution of automatic dynamic IP address
  • Pros:

    • Provides uninterrupted and lag-free online gaming experience, making it an ideal gaming router
    • Comes with a simple and intuitive display to provide all necessary information
    • Ensures top-notch security of all devices via built-in firewall features
    • Perfect device for small-to-medium homes
    • Can be used for both enterprise and residential purposes, thanks to the combination of the powerful processors


    • Doesn't have a WPS button
    • Firmware upgrade is required if you need VPN and remote access functions

    Buying Guide to Choose the Best Parental Control Router

    The main priority of parental control routers is to ensure a safe and reliable network at home. Nowadays there are so many adult web contents available on the internet which are harmful to the growth of kids. So the idea is to filter any inappropriate content that children watch by blocking it.

    In addition, you have to be cautious about security and wifi coverage as well.

    If you want to buy a router with parental controls, you need to keep in mind several things before going for it. Let's check out what to remember before you choose a controlled router:


    The first and foremost feature that a parental control router needs to have is sufficient monitoring options. If you can't track what your children are watching on the internet via your router, that won't serve any purpose.

    Most importantly, you have to make sure your kids can access the internet without any scope to visit malicious links or any web content.

    To perform that, the content filtering feature will allow blocking the content that you don't want your children to watch.

    Customizable Profiles

    It is always better to have user profiles for everyone in your family. In the routers with parental controls, you can set user profiles for all. It will be an ideal approach if your kids use more than one device at your home.

    VPN block

    Today's children are very smart. When they can't access the internet in their geographic location, they often try to visit their desired sites by using VPN. For this reason, ensure the availability of a VPN blocking system in your router to refrain your kids from internet access to any improper content.

    Screen Time Limitation

    Sometimes kids become internet usage and roam on online media all day long. Certainly, that can cause the degradation of their physical and mental health. In that case, you can set the screen time of your children under the limit.


    Wifi coverage is another crucial feature in the routers with parental controls that you just can't avoid. If you have a house of 3, 000 square feet, you can't expect a nonstop network with a router that covers 2,500 sq feet. Hence, always buy a router that can cover up the dimension of your home properly. If possible, go for a router that works on a mesh wifi system.

    Security features

    The importance of security in your router is beyond imagination. Your network can face severe threats and malware attacks if your router doesn't have sufficient security features. So ensure buying a router that comes with a reliable security system.


    Price is another vital factor while buying a router with parental controls. There are routers of mid-range, high-range available in the market. So choose a router that goes with almost all of your requirements and affordable to you as well.

    Final Thought

    So these are the routers with parental controls in our list to suggest to you. We all know it is important for parents to ensure the safe online presence of their children. With the availability of internet access to kids, you just can't prevent them from using devices. To keep the children safe, from anything harmful is content filtering that you can enable via a parental control router. As you also need to make sure the safety of your network, a security system is also a major priority.

    There are various types of control routers with different features for the parents to choose from. Some are dual-band devices whereas others are tri-band wi-fi routers. In addition, some routers work with expandable antennas or mesh system for broader coverage.

    Keeping all the important aspects of parental control routers in mind, we prepared this list to help you choose the best parental control router for the safety of your children. We will suggest you buy the right control router that matches your home size and all other parental control features. 

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