10 Best Wireless Earbuds With Ear Hooks in 2022

Today there are a lot of earbuds with excellent features. However, few of them can be adapted in the best way to the sports or physical exercises of the runners. That's why here you can find the best wireless earbuds with ear hooks.

To avoid that you waste your money on the wrong option here we have analyzed the best options in the market. Whether you want high technology, HD sound, excellent comfort, and more, you will find it below. Let's see then the best features of workout headphones.

# Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds With Ear Hooks in the Market – Editor’s Pick

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Vislla Wireless Earbuds


XLeader Wireless Earbuds


HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds


Brdoogu Wireless Earbuds


Plantronics Wireless Earbuds


Vislla Wireless Earbuds

One of the best overall options on the market is these true wireless earbuds with excellent functionality. You will be able to review a great number of activities and sports without worrying about any cables. Here's the ear hooks are perfect for jogging, walking, running, and any sport.

Especially the Bluetooth 5 technology combined with a high-tech chip. With which this allows an automatic pairing after the first connection of these earbuds with an intelligent device. In particular, this is a pairing that is very simple to be done by any user.

At the same time, the noise cancelling functions are combined with high fidelity stereo audio. So it is one of the best options to enjoy an excellent amount of music. As if that were not enough, the power consumption of these earbuds is not very excessive. Therefore, the time of use you can get up to 8 hours.

A 110 mAh battery life has been incorporated for this purpose. Even here, 1 portable charging case is also included, providing 24 hours of continuous operation. So you can enjoy a lot of time with only one charge.

Finally, these earbuds fit perfectly in anyone's ear. Three pairs of silicone earplugs are included to provide the best comfort you need.


  • Bluetooth Technology 5.0
  • High-fidelity stereo sound
  • Time of use up to 8 hours


  • Average loading time

XLeader Wireless Earbuds

Another unique way to enjoy different sports is to use these ear hook earbuds. In this case, the silicone ear hooks can be efficiently adapted to anyone's ear. Of course, earplugs are included for this purpose, which is combined with an ergonomic ear hook design. So it will be a pleasure to use this option to enjoy the best music.

You can combine a portable device, a tablet, an Android smartphone, or an iPhone with these true wireless earphones. In this sense, these devices provide Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. In short, the connection is very stable and fast without major problems. After a first pairing, the connectivity is completely automatic.

You will notice that the best sound quality is high fidelity thanks to the built-in 3D digital audio processor. Crystal-clear highs are combined with deep bass in every song or call. Even the noise cancelling prevents ambient sound from being a problem for enjoying the best music.

This is a pair of true wireless earbuds that are completely water-resistant. So rainwater or sweat when playing sports will not be a problem. You can also choose one of the six pairs of replacement silicone ear tips for more comfortable use.

Finally, we should mention that the 120 mAh battery life provides 24 hours of use time. In addition, the portable waterproof charging case with USB c has a capacity of 1000 mAh. This provides an additional 72 hours of use on a single charge of the case.


  • 96 hours of total use time
  • Waterproof headphones
  • Bluetooth Technology 5.1


  • Water-resistance earbuds 

HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds

In particular, another way to enjoy any sport is to use these wireless earbuds with ear hooks. First of all, the ears hooks can be perfectly adapted to the anatomy of any user. Therefore, you will not feel any kind of discomfort or pain even after using these earbuds for several hours.

One of the best features of these earbuds is the waterproof material that has been incorporated. This waterproofing is more than enough so that rainwater and user's sweat are not a problem. So, you will be able to do any physical activity without worrying about the proper functioning of these earbuds. Ambient sound mode is not a problem here.

As if that were not enough, Bluetooth 5 technology provides stable and balanced ambient sound transmission at all times. At the same time, pairing with a smartphone or tablet is very simple. After the first connection, the pairing is done automatically. So this connection will not take any effort.

You can use the multifunction button to avoid using your phone at certain times. Especially here also a battery life has been incorporated which provides 5 hours of continuous playback time. On top of that, the portable charging case provides 6 charges for your headphones. For this, 600 mAh capacity has been incorporated and in total utility has 35 hours of use time.


  • Bluetooth earbuds
  • Waterproof headphones
  • Excellent comfort and design


  • Intermediate use time

Brdoogu Wireless Earbuds

By continuing to research the options on the market these ear buds can be perfectly adapted to many women similar to powerbeats pro. In particular, these are high-performance headphones with wireless ear buds functionality. In addition, very comfortable wireless ear hooks that can be worn for several hours have been included here. So it is one of the best options for different activities and sports.

Bluetooth 5 technology provides low power consumption and very low latency. In principle, this is combined with high fidelity audio and efficient noise reduction. So this can be noticed not only in music but also in calls. The high level and definition of each audio and ambient sound are one of the best advantages of these wireless earbuds.

After pairing these headphones for the first time the connectivity and then it is automatic. So this provides excellent comfort when pairing these wireless earbuds with a cell phone or a tablet. You can even get 5 hours of music playback on a single battery charge. The portable charger which also works as a case will give you an additional 50 hours of use.

Therefore you will be able to charge these wireless sport earbuds about 10 times with a single charge of the portable case. Finally, it is necessary to mention that waterproof and sweat-resistant materials have been included here. This makes it a waterproof option to avoid the problem of rain. In short, the markedly feminine design is combined with high-level features.


  • 55 hours of total use time
  • Easy matching in one step
  • High fidelity and definition audio


  • Special design for women only

Plantronics Wireless Earbuds

Those runners who enjoy using wireless earbuds with ear hooks can opt for this innovative design of Plantronics backbeat fit. In principle, we can mention that one of the most powerful 13.5 mm audio drivers is included. So you can feel the clear highs, the natural mid-range sounds, and the deeper bass. This combination of sounds can provide the best experience.

In turn, each hook can be excellently adapted to the user's ear. So these wireless earbuds are really comfortable when doing sports or different physical activities. At the same time, waterproof material has been incorporated here to avoid the problem of water. So you don't have to worry about rainwater or sweat.

In fact, the waterproofing will also allow you to immerse yourself in water up to 3.28 feet with these Plantronics backbeat fit wireless earbuds. This waterproofing can last up to 30 minutes without any inconvenience. However, Bluetooth earbuds cannot work underwater. Likewise, this waterproofing prevents your wireless headphones from being permanently ruined.

Additionally, you can get eight hours of usage time with these Plantronics backbeat fit wireless headphones. Also, the portable and convenient charging case provides 16 hours of additional playback time.

So you can get a total of 24 hours of use time. So these are highly convenient for not worrying about hours of battery life. Without a doubt one of the best options to enjoy life more. 


  • Waterproof wireless headphones
  • Excellent stability and comfort
  • 13.5 mm audio drivers


  • Only 24 hours of total playback 

Zvoltz Pro Wireless Earbuds

In order to enjoy any sport or physical activity, we recommend these wireless ear hook earbuds. You can count on 3.5 hours of playback time on single battery life. In addition, the portable charging case has excellent capacity and provides an additional 80 hours of use. In fact, it is one of the largest capacity charging cases available.

On top of that, you'll be able to use these headphones with tablets or smartphones in just a few seconds. Pairing is done very quickly and prevents you from wasting time. When enjoying music or calls the sound quality is high fidelity. So you can enjoy the best experience from the first day.

Additionally, the design of the ear hooks adapts perfectly to the anatomy of any person. You will even notice that you will have the ability to perform different sports or activities throughout the day without suffering discomfort. In fact, it's a universal and comfortable fit that combines with a sleek design to provide the best result.

Finally, the design of these wireless earbuds includes buttons for a more comfortable and versatile operation. You can control basic functions without taking out your smartphone or tablet. Even the waterproof level of these wireless earbuds prevents rainwater or sweat from being a problem. So you can keep up with your sports while still enjoying the best music.


  • Comfortable and stable design
  • Buttons with excellent functionality
  • Portable charging case for up to 80 hours


  • Headphones only 3.5 hours of use

Tozo T5 Wireless Earbuds

In order to combine excellent comfort and high-fidelity audio, these wireless earbuds need to be analyzed similar to powerbeats pro. In fact, these are wireless earphones with high-fidelity stereo sound quality. A 12mm speaker driver is included here. This gives you one of the highest levels of sound quality in music and calls.

This option can also provide you with Bluetooth 5 connectivity and a wide frequency range. In other words, the answer is yes, you will be able to enjoy a stable and fast transmission in a large number of environments.

In fact, this can be noticed not only in the music but also when receiving or making a call. In turn, the pairing of a single step and prevents you from wasting time on it.

On the other hand, touch control will allow you to gain control over the basic functions of the music and calls. So this avoids the need to take out your cell phone at certain times. After a pairing, the rest of the connectivity is done automatically. So the operation is very comfortable and the quality is one of the highest.

Finally, you can get 6 hours of playback time and 24 additional hours with the battery life. So this 30 hours of playback time will be more than enough to enjoy throughout a whole day. In short, this is not just a pair of wireless earbuds with an innovative design. But also the experiences you can get are a high standard.


  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity
  • Comfortable and efficient touch control
  • 30 hours of total playback time


  • Improvable design

SinFoxeon Wireless Earbuds

In this case, it is a pair of wireless ear hook earbuds with an excellent cost/benefit ratio similar to powerbeats pro. You will get high-level features at a fair cost. So, we can start by mentioning that Bluetooth 5.0 technology is very appropriate for you. In fact, the transmission is stable and solid throughout the day.

Moreover, this option includes three interchangeable ear hooks. So you can choose the most comfortable model according to the anatomy of your ear. Even along with it, you can also enjoy that or 2 HD high fidelity. So, this can be really useful for calls and music at all times.

Additionally, we can add that these wireless earbuds have completely water resistance. It will not be a disadvantage to walk under rainwater or endure sweat in a sport. However, it is not recommended to use these earbuds for swimming or submerging in water. Beyond that, a multi-function button is included to avoid using your smartphone in some situations.

You can count on a playback time of 4 hours and reach 15 hours of playback with the battery life. One of the advantages of these headphones is that you can get a range of up to 15 meters in open spaces. So, if you must play sports outdoors, you would not need to carry your smartphone with you.


  • Range up to 15 meters
  • Water-resistant headphones
  • High-fidelity HD sound


  • Only 15 hours of playback in total

Arbily Wireless Earbuds

As we continue to investigate today's options we must look at these wireless ear hook earbuds similar to powerbeats pro. Here, noise-canceling technology is combined with high-quality design. This allows you to enjoy clear treble and deep bass. Even this optimal performance can be noticed in phone calls but also in music.

After the first pairing of these earbuds, the connectivity is automatically realized later. So, you only need a few seconds to start enjoying the best music or receiving calls comfortably. You can also use a smartphone or tablet to use these ear hook headphones.

The Bluetooth 5 0 connection is excellent for enjoying a stable and fast transmission. Even the connectivity can be maintained with a very comfortable range. In fact, this feature is excellent for being able to play sports without worrying about connectivity. 

A comfortable and stable backbeat fit has been included here thanks to the three pairs of replacement silicone earpads. The ear hook design can be perfectly adapted without pain after prolonged use. The waterproofing of these earbuds prevents rainwater or sweat from becoming a problem for the user.

Finally, it is possible to obtain 5 hours of wearing time with a full charge. Additionally, the 1000 mAh charging case provides an additional 55 hours of battery life. In other words, it will not be necessary to charge the battery in the charging case every day.


  • 60 hours of reproduction in total
  • High quality 5.0 connectivity
  • Water resistance


  • Intermediate comfort level 

Bluenin Wireless Earbuds

Last but not least, these wireless ear hook earbuds include high-level features. So it's one of the best options for exercising and sports with a high level of comfort. In particular, the ergonomic design of the ear hook is combined with silicone earplugs in different sizes.

Each of these earbuds has 12 mm, dynamic drivers. It is one of the most efficient components compared to the options that are available on the market.

The Bluetooth 5 0 technology provides you with a signal transmission with low power consumption and a high level of stability. Even the microphone allows you to pick up sound efficiently and noise cancellation is included.

Therefore, receiving calls will be very comfortable when using these ear hook headphones. You will be able to get 6 hours of use time with only one single charge. Besides, the charging case with 2500 mAh capacity gives you an additional 136 hours. So you will get a great amount of time that is not compared to the options in the market.

The one-step pairing provides easy and fast use at all times. In turn, the multi-function touch control prevents you from having to use your smartphone when you receive a call quality or control the music. The waterproofing of these headphones prevents rainwater or sweat from ruining your activities. In short, it is one of the better battery life in comparison with other options.


  • More than 140 hours of reproduction
  • Excellent Bluetooth 5 connectivity
  • Multi-function touch control included


  • It does not offer the greatest comfort 

Buying Guide

Here we have already analyzed the best 10 options that are available in the market. However, we must mention some additional features. Thus, you will be able to find the best option in your next wireless headphones that includes an ears hook.

  • Bluetooth Technology: In general, sport headphones include Bluetooth 5 technology. Whether it is a stable and fast transmission of music or calls. Therefore avoid inferior Bluetooth technologies.
  • Quality of sound: The best options are the ear buds that provide high fidelity HD sound. This can be seen in the quality of the treble and bass sounds. In turn, noise cancellation can be efficient to receive and make calls.
  • Playback time: Generally, the best headphones offer a playback time of more than 5 hours. The charging case should also provide at least 4 additional charges for the headphones. 
  • Water resistance: Waterproofing is another important factor in avoiding rainwater or sweat. This way, you can use your earbuds anytime and anywhere despite the rain. Some options can provide you with waterproofing that can withstand up to a meter in depth for half an hour.
  • Comfort level: Here the comfort level is determined by the ears hook. To this, we can add the silicone earplugs that are included in all the earbuds. This way you will avoid feeling pain after using the earbuds for several hours. 


Which true wireless earbuds are worth buying?

To find the true wireless earbuds that are worth buying you should consider the best features of it. Sound quality, playtime, waterproofing, and comfort level, among other features, are important here. Regardless of whether you know Anker soundcore spirit or Beats Powerbeats Pro, the best options are on this list.

Are cheap true wireless earbuds any good?

Some affordable options are very convenient to use. You should look at some of the earbuds we have described above. To find the best options not only reach type keyword s. Instead, you should look for beats powerbeats pro.

What is the lifespan of wireless earbuds?

By using these true wireless earbuds correctly the lifespan should provide two years of use time. However, this also depends on the quality and brand of the earbuds.

Final Words

Here we have already analyzed the best options that are available in the market. So it will not be too difficult to find the best true wireless earbuds with ears hooks.

Even this can provide you with better experiences in sports and different activities. So from now on, you can enjoy the best music at any time. 

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