How To Activate Always On Display In iPhone 15 Pro

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, the iPhone 15 Pro brings cutting-edge features to the table. One of these features is the Always On Display (AOD). So, How To Activate Always On Display In iPhone 15 Pro? which provides users with quick access to information without having to unlock their phones. If you’re eager to activate AOD on your iPhone 15 Pro, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Settings

Open Settings

Begin by unlocking your iPhone 15 Pro and tapping the “Settings” application on your home screen. It’s represented by an icon with gears.

Step 2: Navigate to Display & Brightness

Navigate to Display & Brightness

Scroll down the list of options within the Settings app until you find “Display & Brightness.” This is where you’ll access the settings related to your device’s screen.

Step 3: Enable Always On Display

Enable Always On Display

Within the Display & Brightness settings, look for the “Always On Display” option. It should be clearly labeled. Tap on it to access its settings.

Step 4: Activate AOD

Activate AOD

To activate the Always On Display feature, simply toggle the switch to the “On” position. You’ll typically find this switch near the top of the Always On Display settings page. Once you’ve done this, the AOD feature will be enabled.

Step 5: Enjoy Your AOD

Enjoy Your AOD

With AOD now enabled, you can lock your iPhone 15 Pro, and you’ll notice that the screen continues to display useful information even when the device is locked. This information may include the time, date, notifications, and more.

Note: Keep in mind that enabling AOD may have a slight impact on your device’s battery life, as the screen remains partially active. However, the iPhone 15 Pro is designed to optimize battery usage, ensuring that your device remains reliable throughout the day.


In summary, activating Always On Display on your iPhone 15 Pro is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you learn how to activate always on display in iPhone 15 pro and enjoy the convenience of quick, at-a-glance information access.

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