How To Apply Camera Screen Protector In iPhone 15 Plus

How To Apply Camera Screen Protector In iPhone 15 Plus? Applying a camera lens protector to your iPhone 15 Plus is a straightforward process that can help protect your phone’s camera from scratches, smudges, and other potential damage. The procedure is especially easy if you have a lens protector kit that includes wet and dry wipes for cleaning the camera area, although a microfiber cloth can be used as an alternative. Below are the steps you can follow to properly apply a camera lens protector:

Materials Needed

  • Camera Lens Protector
  • Wet Wipe
  • Dry Wipe or Microfiber Cloth

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Prepare the Surface

First, use the wet wipe or a damp microfiber cloth to clean off the camera lenses and the surrounding area where the lens protector will adhere. It’s essential to remove all residues, like oils and dust, to ensure proper adhesion. After wet cleaning, use the dry wipe to dry the area completely. This prepares the surface for the lens protector to stick correctly.

Step 2: Examine the Protector

Examine the Protector

Before peeling off the adhesive, take a moment to examine the lens protector. Typically, the protector will have distinct holes or markings to indicate where each part should align, such as holes for the lenses and microphone, as well as a ring for the flash. Make sure you understand the orientation so that you apply it correctly.

Step 3: Peel Off the Adhesive

Step 3: Peel Off the Adhesive

Peel off the protective layer from the adhesive side of the lens protector. Make sure not to touch the adhesive surface as oils from your fingers can interfere with the adhesion.

Step 4: Align and Apply

Align and Apply

Carefully align the lens protector with the camera lenses, microphone hole, and flash ring. Once you’re sure about the alignment, gently place the protector onto the camera area. You may need to slightly wiggle the protector to make sure it’s fitting snugly over the camera elements.

Step 5: Press Down Firmly

Press Down Firmly

After aligning the lens protector, press down firmly to ensure it adheres well. Sometimes the adhesive might get caught at the edges; make sure it covers the entire designated area by pressing down uniformly.

Step 6: Final Cleanup

Final Cleanup

Once the lens protector is securely in place, you can use the dry wipe or microfiber cloth to clean any fingerprints or smudges from the surface.


In summary, “how to apply camera screen protector in iPhone 15 plus” is not a difficult process. It offers essential protection for your device’s camera lens. By following the right steps, you can enjoy peace of mind and capture flawless photos for a long time to come.

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