How to Clean Headphones Without Damaging Them

You probably hate it when you want to start gaming and put on your headphones, but they are dirty for some particular reason.

These other devices can pass, but you put headphones on your ears, and the grease can be quite annoying. Because of that, you must know how to clean your headphones.

Clean Headphones

It can be very challenging to clean every part of your headphones; that is why we are here today.

We are going to help you with all the techniques for making your headphones and earbuds clean again.

Keep in mind that this article will not advise you to use a cloth and wipe off your headphones.

We will guide you on how to clean them thoroughly, every single piece of your headphone separately.

First, in order for us to know how to clean them, we must examine how they’ve got dirty in the first place.

Why are my Headphones dirty?

Probably the number one reason why your headphones and earbuds are so dirty is that you use them everywhere; in transportation, the gym, at home, etc.

They pick up all kinds of germs from different places. They can attract bacteria and maintain them from dying off.

It does that by creating a layer of earwax, and it traps the bacteria in it. That way, they just multiply and will not dry off.

There is a number of ways on how you can make your headphones dirty. Here are just a few of the most common ones:

Eating while gaming habit.

Let’s face it; we all have this bad habit that makes all our computer devices dirty and mushy.

You get hungry when you play a game online, and there isn’t much time for eating at a dinner table.

Whatever you eat, you make your hands greasy, and you spread that on your headphones too.

When you finish, you forget to clean them, and every other time the greasy layers increase.

Making that mistake over and over again can cause your headphones to have multiple layers of dirt all over them.

Not cleaning your ears.

This one is a bit gross, but it is one of the reasons why your headphones are not clean. If you have earbuds that go directly to your ears, then this one is the main reason.

The earwax sticks to your headphones, and as we talked about above, if it is not cleaned regularly, it will just pile up.

Even though ear wax, when you think about it, sounds gross, but it is not dangerous at all.

Scientists confirmed that it is a way our ear cleans itself from germs and dust.

The only problem is that when the ear wax comes out of the ear, it sticks to your headphones.

Bringing them everywhere

Bringing them everywhere

Headphones make gym practice and running easier and more enjoyable. They also give a different experience when you’re listening to your favorite song or watching a movie.

Not to mention riding on your bus or car can be very enjoyable with headphones and music itself.

The truth is that the more places you bring them to, the more germs and bacteria will stick to your headphones.

Wherever you place them for even a couple of seconds, they will absorb the germs.

Mix it with your ear wax, and you will have them moist in no time. The ear is a closed area, making it a perfect spot for germs to grow.

Now that we’ve realized what are the most common reasons why your headphones are dirty, it is time we show you how to clean them. Read carefully because we’ve covered every piece separately.

How to Clean Headphone Jack?

Grimy headphone jacks are one of the most well-known issues liable for sound issues on the iPhone.

The reason behind this is because the earphone jack is an open port; it will, in general, load up with residue and build up.

In case you’re experiencing connection difficulty with your earphones, it could be on the grounds that the earphone jack should be appropriately cleaned.

Clean Headphone Jack

It’s anything but difficult to wipe out the messy jack with the goal that you can get an appropriate, clean connection with the earphones and indeed appreciate tuning in to music on your iPhone.

An important note that you must follow is that you always have to turn off your mobile before you clean anything.

These are a couple of techniques you can use to clean your headphones jack:

Use cotton swabs

You got to be careful with this one. Insert the dry end of the cotton swab into the jack and clean it.

You should do this very lightly because you can damage the device if you’re not gentle.

Use the air can

This one is easy, and in most cases, it works. You need to blow out the mesh and dust from the jack using the air can.

Use a paper clip and a tape

This technique is a bit of improvisation. Unfold the paper clip and wrap the tape around it, making the sticky part facing outside.

Carefully insert it, and with the sticky part, you will be able to clean all the mesh off the headphone jack.

How to Clean Headphone Pads?

Clean Headphone Pads

The earpads are probably the most important to clean as they go to your ear canal.

There are several cleaning instructions you should take to clean them properly:

  1. Remove them from your headphones and wipe the exterior of them. You can wipe them with a cloth dumped in some soap and water. Use a paper towel to air dry them off.
  2. Dump a cloth in rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe the exterior of your headphone pads. The next thing you need to do is to soak q-tips buds in rubbing alcohol. With that, you need to clean the nooks and crevices of your ear pads.
  3. Grab the left and the right side of your earbuds, rub their surface with some rubbing alcohol, and gently rub them together. This will kill the remaining bacteria on both sides.
  4. After you’re done, leave them on a paper towel to dry completely before use.

How to Clean Headphone Wire?

Want to make your headphone wires white and clean again? Say no more, because we have a great thing you can do at home.

Clean Headphone Wire

For this recipe, you will need some lemons, toothpaste, and baking powder.

  • Mix the three ingredients together to form a beautiful mesh.
  • Use a paper towel and add the mixture to it. Then gently slide it on the wire to apply the mesh on the wire.
  • The final thing you should do is get another paper towel and dump it in water. Don’t make it very wet, and clean off the mesh from the wire. Your wire will be spotless then.

How to Clean Headphone Cushions?

Cleaning the cushions can be very easy if you follow the cleaning instructions well.

First, you have to remove the ear tip and ear pads before you do anything. This will prevent water from getting inside your headphones.

Use the damp cloth to gently wipe the ear tips. Careful movements are essential to prevent damage to the device.

Clean Headphone Cushions

There could be debris or residue which are not so easy to clean. In that case, you can use a toothbrush to loosen up those parts and then wipe them down with a cloth.

Some manufacturers also recommend using other cleaning products, such as hydrogen peroxide or soap and warm water to clean your headphones.

After it is all done, put them on some paper towels to dry off completely.

How to Clean Headphone Beats?

This cleaning process will consist of several parts. Those include how to take care of your beats, clean them, and how to store them. In the end, we will give you some general tips on what to avoid.

Cleaning them won’t be so challenging. Never wear your ear tips when they have dirt on them. Keep them clean always.

Use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust and oil. Avoid some sprays or abrasives.

Use a damp cloth for cleaning the parts of your headphones. Not all parts are recommended to be cleaned by a damp cloth, such as ear cups. You will need a dry cloth to clean that.

How to Take Care of Your Beats?

It would help if you took care of your beats in order to make them last longer.

The thing you should avoid is putting them on liquid surfaces or areas with a lot of humidity.

When you want to disconnect the earbuds from your phone, never plug the cable. Rather, take the plug and pull it off.

How to Store Your Headphone Beats?

Storing your headphones is as important as cleaning them. It would be best if you always stored them in a protective case that stays clean always.

When you find that special case for your earbuds, don’t store anything else in that case. Especially not some product that can affect the headphone’s sound quality.

Don’t put your headphones on some super-cold or super-warm areas. The sunlight can affect them too, as well as very cold weather. Make sure that the place is room temperature and dry.

Some general tips:

  • When you finish the workout with your earbuds, make sure that you dry them off completely after it. Liquid such as sweat can cause skin irritation for you and even ear infection.
  • Always buy earbuds that fit you well. The ear canal is not the same for everyone, so not every product may fit you. When you’re checking the deals and the price, also see if they match your ear.

Wrapping up

Everything you need to know about cleaning your headphones is right here in one place.

Make sure you are always careful not to damage the headphone’s audio quality.

Every cleaning tool mentioned above has been checked and is safe to use.

Enjoy your favorite music tracks long-term by applying all these instructions for nice and clean earbuds.

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