How to Physically Clean Your Computer

Of course, dirt and dust are very unpleasant components when they are on top of your computer.

However, this is not the only drawback as dirt can impair performance. An excessive accumulation of dirt in the different parts of your computer could be costly.

When dust and grime build-up, then the various components of your computer begin to fail.

Here your device could start to fail or the CPU could simply burn out due to high temperature.

Physically Clean your Computer

If you want to avoid spending your money on repairs, you should clean your computer as detailed below.

Cleaning the keyboard

One of the main components of your computer that should be cleaned is the keyboard.

In fact, it is very easy for any implement to have some liquid waste. On any device, you will find a lot of particles and grime in general.

Of course, liquids, food, or dust can cause the keyboard to malfunction.

Even when you don’t clean your computer frequently, grime and grease can stick to it too much.

This can certainly make the device more difficult to use and will make everything more difficult.

Cleaning the keyboard

In this case, it is a matter of removing the grease and dirt before it becomes too difficult.

As this happens, each of the keys will become harder and more inaccurate.

Large debris such as food and dust can stick to or block the use of your implement.

That’s why we can mention here some key concepts you should consider to apply efficient cleaning.

You don’t even need a lot of items to efficiently clean your computer.

You can start by unplugging your implement from the USB port or the connection required for this peripheral.

In principle, it is advisable to turn off your computer to avoid any problems.

In this case, you should turn your keyboard upside down and shake it to remove as much surface grime as possible.

The more dust and dirt it removes in this case the easier the cleaning will be afterward.

At this point, a can of compressed air is an excellent option to more efficiently remove the grime underneath the device.

Use this accessory to clean between the keys themselves. You can also continue to use a paper towel or cotton cloth. Isopropyl alcohol is excellent for physically clean your computer.

Of course, you should avoid pouring the liquid directly on the keys. If you need more isopropyl alcohol you can pour a little more on the paper towel or cotton cloth.

Once the device is completely dry you can reconnect it. If your device uses a PS/2 port, you should connect it and then switch on your computer.

  • Eliminate as much dust as possible from the interior
  • Do not apply too much liquid
  • Apply cleaning on a regular basis

The problem of liquids 

Before you use any type of liquid you should know the correct way to use a liquid on your computer.

As we have mentioned, it is quite common to spill some type of liquid on the device.

If this happens, all is simply not lost, as here are some useful steps to get your device back.

Here you should turn off your computer as quickly as possible. So if you have spilled the liquid on the keyboard you should also disconnect this peripheral.

At the same time, you should turn the device over and allow most of the liquid to drain. Usually, when the liquid is water the drainage will be very simple.

In contrast, this is a little more difficult when it is a sticky liquid such as a soda.

In this case, you must use running liquid to be able to rinse off most of the sticky liquid.

Here, you should put your keyboard on its side just under running liquid.

Of course, this is a procedure that should be done carefully as liquid could definitely ruin your device.

You need to remove most of the sticky liquid without utilizing running liquid.

First, simply allow most of the sticky liquid to drain away. Then you can use a sponge moistened with liquid to continue removing the sticky part of the liquid.

This way, you will be able to risk your keyboard-less with all the running liquid.

If you have chosen to use running liquid on your device, you should wait at least 2 days before using it again.

It is not possible to repair your keyboard while it is still wet.

However, the quickest method to remove most of the liquid is by utilizing running water.

Even if this is done quickly you will still want the sticky part to adhere to the surface of the device.

Also, if you want to avoid this situation for good, you should keep any type of drink away from any peripheral of your computer.

Of course, this is a fairly common situation that keyboards must suffer at some point in life.

Once your device is completely physically clean you can continue to clean the rest of your computer components.

Keeping your computer in good condition, you will take advantage of all life span.

  • Apply a quick dry in case of liquids
  • Do not use for several days
  • Use lint-free cloth

Cleaning the mouse

Cleaning the mouse

Today, two types of mice are the most widely used around the world. You can find the mechanical mouse and the optical mouse.

However, the optical peripheral is being used more and more.

On the other hand, the mechanical peripheral is an old-fashioned model that is less and less manufactured. Anyway, here you have the possibility to clean any of these models.

In this case, we can mention that the mechanical peripheral is more difficult to clean and requires more time.

In particular, certain particles, grime, and dust can easily accumulate in the internal structure of the peripheral.

Of course, these components are very detrimental to the efficient operation of this peripheral.

The main problem is that the movement or tracking of your mouse will become increasingly difficult.

You may find that you must clean your peripheral when the pointer does not move freely or as smoothly as you expect.

In particular, it is recommended that you clean this component every three or four months. In this way, you will ensure that grease and grime do not accumulate too much.

If you have an optical peripheral then the cleaning will be a little easier.

This does not include rotating parts, but you should take care to clean other areas efficiently.

If you clean around the light emitter it will allow the dust not to accumulate over time.

Even this place can become sticky, which obstructs the proper functioning of this peripheral.

You may even notice that the mouse does not work properly or has an erratic cursor movement.

In particular, it is recommended to clean the area near the light emitter every 4 or 5 months.

In this way, you can ensure that no grime accumulates on the peripheral.

Here are some basic cleaning concepts that require very few elements. 

Credit To: GamingScan

First, you must unplug the mouse from the PS/2 USB port. If the peripheral uses the first of these options you will need to pay for your computer and then unplug the component.

Then, you must moisten a cotton cloth using isopropyl alcohol. This can be especially useful for washing the bottom and top of the mouse.

You should remove the trackball if the peripheral is mechanical. To do this, simply turn the ring on the ball cover counterclockwise.

Then continue to use the same cotton cloth to clean the inside of the mouse and the trackball.

After all the parts are dry you can continue and connect the peripheral. Try connecting the mouse and then turn on your computer. 

If only you need a quick but efficient washing you should place the peripheral on a clean sheet of paper.

Then simply move the peripheral back and forth several times. Some of the particles and dust should be stuck to the paper.

In order, it is advisable to apply a thorough washing regularly every few months.

  • Disassemble the peripheral
  • Remove all dust
  • Do not scratch the part near the optical laser

Cleaning the monitor

Cleaning the screen is not too difficult as with the other components. In this case, you should clean with the correct implements to apply high-quality washing.

In principle dust, fingerprints, and grime, in general, can stick to the screen. Of course, this makes it difficult to read the screen quickly.

Beyond that, you will not need much time or effort to apply efficient cleaning. Even today there are washing kits for displays that are available on the market.

Cleaning the monitor

Although if you purchase the wrong option you could easily damage your display. It is important to consider that there are different monitors with different designs.

So those display cleaners designed for glass screens do not work with LCD screens.

So you can avoid all these inconveniences by using a little liquid and a clean, soft cloth.

In a few moments, it will be very easy to remove the stains that have accumulated on your screen.

It is especially not recommended to use a glass cleaner for your monitor.

These days the vast majority of displays include the anti-reflective coating feature. So by applying a glass cleaner you will only damage this special coating.

Your computer must be turned off to start cleaning. You should also unplug your monitor or unplug your laptop if you want to clean the display of this device.

Then you can use the clean cloth moistened with liquid to start washing each part of the screen.

In particular, you need to keep in mind that the cloth should only be moistened with liquid.

This means that you should not spray liquid on the screen at any time. This way, the liquid could easily leak into the display.

In particular, the filtration of liquids into the interior will only damage some important parts.

Therefore, you should avoid pouring liquid on any display at all times.

  • Do not apply the liquid cleaner to the display
  • Utilize soft materials
  • Dry the area as quickly as possible

Cleaning another computer surface

To finish and complete the cleaning of your computer, you must consider other surfaces.

In this case, your computer case is just as important as the back of the display.

In all these places, dirt and dust can accumulate. Of course, this is not pleasant and leaves the washing incomplete.

First of all, it is necessary to consider that dust is one of the great enemies of any computer.

Dust can simply produce failures and damage over time. Even dust can interfere with the operation of fans.

So, when this happens, the temperature is too high and can burn important parts of your computer.

Therefore, it can be very useful to use an anti-static cloth. Washing your computer case is easy with this type of cloth.

By doing this you can dust this entire surface. We do not recommend using strong solvents or furniture cleaners instead.

The result here is not the most appropriate and these cleaners could leak either into the interior.

Using compressed air is also an excellent option to further remove dust and dirt. You can clean this part through the air intake slots.

This way, the dust will start to be released and expelled from the inside of your computer.

You can also create your own cleaning solution for these surfaces.

A glass cleaner that consists of water and ammonia might be a good solution.

Also, you can create your own cleaning solution by mixing water and ammonia.

In particular, it is an excellent cleaning solution to apply to the hard surfaces of your computer.

Of course, the solution should not be too strong or corrosive.

Here you should avoid cleaning your computer with this cleaning solution.

Instead, you should use this cleaning solution for both the computer case and the monitor case.

You can also clean with a paper towel or the previously used antistatic cloth. It is also recommended to apply this type of cleaning regularly. 

  • Clean the computer regularly
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners
  • Always switch off the PC before starting

Final Words

Once you can apply this complete cleaning every 3 or 4 months it will be more than enough to remove all the dirt.

In fact, it’s one of the best ways to know how to physically clean your computer.

Avoid obstructing the airflow of your computer’s internal fan. It’s also recommended that the room be ventilated to prevent dust buildup. 

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