How to Setup Wifi Router For Different Devices

Would you like to know how to set up your wifi router to work in your home? Are you afraid that you will break something and it won’t work? Don’t worry, because in this article you will find out everything about wifi routers.

The Internet has become commonplace, and today it isn’t easy to live without it. We have it on our computers, phones, and even tablets.

To not have to spend your internet from the package on your mobile phone, it is cheaper and better to install a wifi router.

When we want to talk about how to set up your wi-fi router, we have to know how the wireless router works.

How do wi-fi Routers Work?

Your home probably has some devices that are connected to one network. Those devices include everything that has some points of contact with modern technology.

Setup Wifi Router

With the wi-fi router, these gadgets make an organization. The information going through the network in your home can be from a simple text or mail to some complicated video.

Fast and efficient data transfer is very advanced nowadays. This is the most important part that the router has to offer. The more devices you have, the more the router will work.

Now that you know how your wi-fi router works, we will show you how to install it. Make sure you follow the instructions well, and you won’t have any problems.

How to setup the wi-fi Router Without a PC?

Today you can almost do everything on your phone as efficiently as on your computer. Maybe you’re a phone person and prefer it over a computer any day, or you don’t have a pc.

When you think of a wi-fi router, we assume that you connect it to your computer immediately. What if we tell you that you don’t need a pc to connect a wireless router to work nicely in your house?

Even though the wi-fi router, when connected on a pc, is more stable and has a better connection, you can still manage to set up your wireless router.

There are a few steps which you must follow to do that. Follow them thoroughly, and there will be no problems. Here are the steps:

Plug your router

The first thing you must do is plug in your router. Keep in mind that you must wait 1-2 minutes for the router to completely power up.

Setup Wifi Router
Connect to the network

When your router is plugged in, take your phone or tablet, turn on the wi-fi network connection, and connect to your router’s network. You will need to know the SSID and the wi-fi password.

The SSID is the name of your router’s network, and you can find that usually on the back of the router and the wi-fi network password. Choose the SSID on your phone and type the password in.

Insert the IP Adress

You will now be connected to your router’s network. After that, you need to go on your mobile’s browser. Type in the router s IP address in the “Address Bar.”

Setup Wifi Router

If you don’t know what your router s IP address is, you can find it also on the back of the router, usually just under the SSID. For most cases, the IP is “192 168 1” or “192 168 0 1”.

There might be difficulties, and it might not work. If that happens, just run the network discovery app installed on your device by default.

Final login

You will proceed to a login area. The login details are provided on the back of your router as well, but usually, the default username and password is “admin” and “password”.

That is the whole process. If you do exactly what we mentioned in these four steps, you will have access to your new wireless router without owning a pc.

How to setup a Wi-fi router NetGear?

In this section, we are covering up all the steps for installing a wi-fi router NetGear. We will cover it thoroughly because it has a few more steps than simple instructions.

One thing we have to mention before we get on with the setup. If you are using your smartphone, we recommend using the app called NightWalk to install your router.

On the other hand, if you’re installing an Orbi wi-fi system, then it’s better that you use the Orbi app. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the setup process.

  • Step 1: On the back of your router, there is a yellow wan port. You must connect your router to that yellow wan port using an ethernet cable. Wan (wide area network) port is also known as an internet port.
  • Step 2: Connect your pc to the ethernet port. There isn’t only one port, but whatever you choose it will work.
  • Step 3: You then need to start your router by pressing the power button on it. You will know when it’s on because the LED lights light up when running.
  • Step 4: When the router is on, take your phone/computer and type in the browser
  • Step 5: You are redirected to the login prompt. Use the default username and password “admin” and “password” to log in to the site. You should know that the name and password are all case-sensitive.
  • Step 6: Choose ADVANCED, then click on Next.
  • Step 7: Click the Yes button and then click Next. The wireless routers check and connect to your internet connection, and you are redirected to the login space—type in the new admin password.
  • Step 8: You will be given two security questions for safety measures. These security questions are used to detect that you’re the person that wants to log in.
  • Step 9: Click Next. There will also be a “print” option if you want to print your network settings.
  • Step 10: Click next.
  • Step 11: Will appear a window that says if the firmware update is available. If it is, it will automatically update it and reboot your router. Then you will have to insert the new admin password that you created a few minutes ago. If there aren’t any updates, then your router will be set automatically.

How to Setup Router Linksys?

This tutorial is for you to change the DNS settings in your wireless router to use the OpenDNS IP addresses.

We are instructing you on how to set up your router Linksys with basic instructions. These are the steps:

Head to your router’s IP address

You have to visit your router’s IP address, and we advise you to do it in a new browser window. The IP address of the Linksys router is 192 168 1 1.

Enter your network’s password

A new window will appear, demanding that you insert the username and wi-fi password. Skip the user name, and type in the password.

The default password is “admin.” That stats if you didn’t change it before. If you did, then type that new password.

Insert the OpenDNS addresses

You need to insert the OpenDNS IP addresses in two fields. The fields are STATIC DNS 1 and STATIC DNS 2.

It is important that you save or write down your momentary DNS settings because you may need them in the future. If you want to go back to those settings, you will need them saved somewhere.

Setup Wifi Router

The OpenDNS addresses are:

Save the new settings

At the bottom of the window, you should click on the button to save your settings. We advise that you flush the DNS web browser cache to ensure that your DNS settings will be inserted and saved instantly.

How to Setup Wi-fi Router tp-link?

We are going to show you how to set up the new router and use it afterward. Follow these steps, and you will do it with ease:

Turn on the Router

Press the power on button (reset button) on your routers and connect it to your PC. Connect it by using the ethernet cable.

Ethernet cables are mandatory for this operation; regular cables won’t work.

Open Web Browser

Open your browser on whatever device you’re using, and go to You can insert this link or in the IP address bar type 192 168 0 1.

Set the Password

You will be required to set the password for your router. You must do that by entering the password twice.

Setup Wifi Router

We do advise you to keep things simple enough by entering the password to be “admin.” If you don’t want to do that, you can set the password whatever you want, but remember it or write it somewhere.

Log in

A new window will appear, which will give you instructions on how to log in. Follow the on-screen instructions and insert the SSID of your wireless network and the password for protection.

When you’re finished logging in, your router is ready. You will be able to connect to the wireless connection with your SSID and password.

How to Setup Wi-fi Router Xfinity?

The Xfinity router is very easy to install because it has its own app. The Xfinity app will do everything for you, and with the app, you will set it up easily.

But the question is, what if your phone doesn’t support the app and you can’t download it? Can you install it anyway?

The answer is YES, and we are going to show you how in a couple of steps. Follow along:

Place your modem

You have to find the right place for your routers in your home. The perfect place would be on some object in the house, never on the floor. It can be anything, as long as it’s firm on something.

Connect the modem

You need to connect your routers with the electrical outlet in your home. When you are connecting those two outlets, make sure that the connections are very tight and stable.

You can also connect your phone with the hone cable to your router. This feature is only for Xfinity subscribers.

Wait for the router to be ready

You need to wait for the router to be ready for use. This usually takes up to 10 minutes, so be patient. You will know when it is ready as the LED lights light up.

  • Those who have only one light on the routers – remain solid white for 1 minute
  • for those with multiple lights – Power, US/DS, and the online button should remain solid for 1 minute, and 2.4GHz and 5GHz should start blinking.
  • For those who have a third-party modem – the router manufacturers will explain what light should be blinking in the instruction router box.
Establish an internet connection

You should establish a temporary internet connection using the ethernet cable or the wifi network. Use the Wi-fi only if your routers support wireless connections.

Activate your modem

When you establish the connection, go to Follow the on-screen instructions, and you will activate your modem successfully.

Connect it to your home network

Once you’ve activated it, connect your device to your home wi-fi networks. Enter the user name and password, and your home network is ready to be used.

Wrapping up

Now you’ve learned how to set up wi-fi routers in your home. All router settings that you might have, are included in this article’s content. Enjoy your internet service!

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