How To Take Screenshot In iPhone 15 Pro

“How To Take Screenshot In iPhone 15 Pro?” it’s the simple, everyday functions like taking a screenshot that is indispensable. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple process of capturing a screenshot on the iPhone 15 Pro.

How To Take Screenshot in iPhone 15 Pro

The procedure to capture a screenshot on the iPhone 15 Pro remains quite similar to earlier models. Here’s how you can do it:

Choose the Content

Navigate to the screen or app where you want to take a screenshot. This could be a chat conversation, an important email, or any other content that you would like to capture.

Press the Buttons

Press the Buttons

Once you are on the desired screen, press the ‘Power Button’ and ‘Volume Up Button’ simultaneously. This will take a fraction of a second, and you’ll hear a camera shutter sound, indicating that the screenshot has been captured.

Screenshot Preview

After you’ve captured the screenshot, a small thumbnail preview will appear at the bottom-left corner of your screen for a few seconds. You can tap on it to edit or share the screenshot immediately.

Accessing Screenshots

To find your newly captured screenshot, open the Photos app and head over to the ‘All Photos’ section. Alternatively, you can find it easily by navigating to the ‘Albums’ tab and scrolling down to the ‘Screenshots’ album.

Easier Way to Find Screenshots

If you capture screenshots frequently, there’s a more streamlined way to access them later. In your Photos application, go to the ‘Albums’ section and scroll down until you see an album specifically labeled ‘Screenshots’. This album consolidates all your screenshot captures, making it easier to locate them in the future.


“How To Take Screenshot In iPhone 15 Pro” is an incredibly straightforward task. Yet, it’s one of the most practical features that we use almost daily. Whether you’re capturing important information or saving a memorable moment, screenshots are an easy way to do so.

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