The Best Earbuds To Sleep in 2022

Earbuds are not only fashionable ear accessories that you can wear during the day to listen to music; several people also enjoy using this device to sleep at night. They are comfortable, not to mention that almost everyone tends to sleep better with music.

In this article, we would throw light on the best buds for a side sleeper, the benefits of sleeping with earbuds, and how a side sleeper should pick a sleeping bud.

# Top 5 Best Earbuds To Sleep in the Market – Editor’s Pick

Product Name




Mpow MBits S




TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94


COWIN Apex Active 


Motast TSO8


Mpow MBits S

These wireless and water-resistant earbuds for sleeping can be used while sleeping, during sports, and exercises. They offer comfort to the ears and even support fast charge and reverse charging.

Mpow Mbits S is one of the best sleep buds. It promises comfort and offers complete compatibility to the wearer. The promise of comfort is supported by including various sizes of silicone gel tips. Connecting to your device is also very easy since immediately your buds are out of the case they connect to your device.

Incredibly, the Mpow MBbits S supports the IPX8 waterproof technology; this is the latest, and it guarantees that your sleep headphones will not get damaged by sweat since it has a high level of water resistance.

Users will also enjoy the latest in Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 5.0, which means you can connect to your device and move around without having to be close to your device. With the super-portable earbuds charging case, you will be able to charge your earbuds four more times after the initial charge; this charging case is portable and fits easily in the pocket.

Noise cancellation feature is also a plus since you can make calls without worrying about hearing disturbing noises. You will also enjoy superb audio quality while listening to music for 6 hours. The device comes with a type C USB port, which offers fast charge features.


  • High-quality sound
  • Excellent quality for the price range
  • Battery life is good


  • Some users have issues with the buds fitting
  • The inbuilt microphone is not the best on the market
  • Bass sounds weak


With 27 hours of playtime, the LETSCOM T19 ear head phones for sleeping is waterproof, lightweight, and is touch controlled.

The LETSCOM T19 boasts of the best active noise-canceling technology ever seen in an earbud; this will guarantee users' the ability to completely shut out environmental noise while trying to sleep with music or when making calls.

These sleeping sleep headphones are also comfortable to wear as they come with three different types of ear tips. Also, the LETSCOM buds feature the latest Bluetooth technology; Bluetooth 5.0. It also comes with a Type-C USB charging port, which means users will enjoy a better Bluetooth connection while consuming low power. People will also enjoy a fast charge of less than 2 hours with the Type-C USB charging port.

IPX8 waterproof Nano coating was not excluded while creating these sleep earbuds; meaning these buds are water-resistant. They give off a clear bass when you listen to music, and users will enjoy music time of up to 9hrs per charge with the earbuds case and 27 hours in total.


  • Well-built earbuds that fit well into the ears of anybody trying to sleep
  • One of the best noise-canceling technology
  • Offers a very long battery life
  • Good for making calls


  • Sensitive touch controls
  • It might feel bulky to people with small ears

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94

The TaoTronics soundLiberty 94 keeps you feeling good with 5 hours of talk time, deep bass sounds, and an active hybrid noise canceling feature.

These best sleep buds are worth checking out if you love to sleep and block out external noise. It features four microphones. One pair of these microphones faces inwards while the second pair faces out.

This design effectively blocks out noise and guarantees that you are not disturbed while you sleep or make calls in public places. There is also an ambient mode that gives you the freedom to stay aware of your surrounding while still delivering high and clear sound quality.

With the TaoTronic Soundliberty94, you also enjoy the latest in Bluetooth technology; Bluetooth 5.1. With this you are assured of a faster and a stronger connection to your device and they also guarantee that your buds will stay connected to your device as far as 15feet.

Another promise from the TaoTronic Soundliberty94 is that people will lose themselves to the music while enjoying the high sound quality produced using the 9.2mm high fidelity dynamic driver designed with the earbuds. Music lovers will enjoy a playtime of 8hours per charge with these sleep earbuds.


  • The casing is one of the strong ones
  • Supports Type-C USB port
  • Bluetooth pairing is easy
  • The noise-blocking feature is excellent
  • Best fitting earbuds for people trying to get a good night sleep


  • Battery life is not the best
  • The user has to wait for the buds to power down before shutting the case lid

COWIN Apex Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Bluetooth

These sleeping headphones offer users a playtime of 20 hours and touch control. Premium Hi-fi stereo and deep bass are also within your grasp.

The high-quality sound on these best sleep headphones might be on par with some ear and sleep headphones. These noise-canceling buds feature a 10mm speaker aperture that is sure to keep users fully immersed in the music. The noise-canceling technology guarantees that unwanted sounds are blocked out.

These earbuds for sleeping are also super comfortable, and people can select from any of the three different tip sizes depending on the size and shape of their ear canal. It's not 1PX8, but IPX7 should do an excellent job of keeping the buds water and sweat resistant. The earbuds can also take a 1m deep in water without having any issues.

Cowin has packed the Apex microphone in these sleep buds to guarantee that you enjoy CVC HD calling. If you use this device, you can also boast of 5 hours of music time per charge. The total hours of music time is 20hours per day before the buds casing will need to be charged.


  • Casing is strong
  • Noise-cancelling feature is noticeable
  • The best bass quality


  • Unstable Bluetooth connection

Motast TSO8

These waterproof and sweatproof earbuds are suitable for sleeping and working out. They give off 35hours of playtime and Bluetooth 5.0.

Motast TSO8 is fully multi-touch controlled; this means you can do everything you need to do with just the touch of a button. Like the other products listed, the Motast TS08 knows that you do not have to sacrifice comfort because you want to use sleep headphones. There are three different sizes of ear tips fashioned from silicone.

Other delightful features include Bluetooth 5.0, a supremely portable charging case with an extraordinary battery life; this ensures that you can travel long distances without worrying about being bored. These buds are also sweated and water-resistant since they feature IPX7 technology and super-fast charging due to the Type-C USB charging.

After 10 minutes of charging, Motast promises that you will be able to enjoy a full hour of music, which can be used during workouts. However, it takes about 2hours for a full charge, which guarantees 30 hours of playtime using the noise cancelling sleeping headphones.

The sound quality here is excellent as it features a 10mm fiber optic driver, which guarantees powerful bass, and H-fi sounds.


  • It supports Multi-touch control
  • Super-fast charge


  • Poor Bluetooth compatibility

Tribit BTHA1

Combining the best smart touch control, fast charge, and an elegant design are some of the features users will enjoy on this wireless sleep bud.

The Tribit BTHA1 earbud was made to cancel noise. These buds offer active and environmental noise cancellation as well as an ambient mode, which they call the transparency mode. The design and build of the earbuds and earbuds casing are unlike any other you will see around. Tibit also promises that these buds are scratch-resistant.

When it comes to charging your buds, you will be able to attain a 100% full charge with the USB Type-C charging port within the space of 1hr and 30 minutes. Making and listening to calls is also remarkable due to the inbuilt Ai noise reduction technology. There are in-built potent microphones that ensure your listener enjoys voice clarity.

These head phones for sleeping also come with an FPC antenna that give you the best when it comes to keeping a strong Bluetooth signal. These buds will efficiently run for 35hours without the need to charge. Users will be able to use these buds for 10hours with every single full charge.


  • The noise cancellation feature works well
  • Excellent customer service and the best refund policy
  • Battery life is the best


  • Poor ambient sound
  • Earbuds is not easy to move around

VANKYO Alpha N10

On the VANKYO Alpha N10, users enjoy premium features like active noise cancelling, environmental noise cancellation, and a full transparency mode.

VANKYO Alpha N10 is here to gives the best ANC, ENC, and transparency for selecting the sounds you want to hear. Merely opening the earbuds' case connects the earbuds to your device because the VANKYO Alpha supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Included with these buds is the advanced wireless charging feature and although the wireless charging pad is not included in the box, it is still a great feature to have. Nevertheless, you still get the Type C USB charger. It's not IPX7 or IPX8, but it always does a decent job of being water and sweat resistant with the IPX6 waterproof technology.

Lastly, these buds should fit conveniently in the ear, and you should be able to enjoy the 5hrs of music per charge.


  • The best wireless charging technology


  • Noise cancellation feature cannot be set as default


The super comfortable and ENACFIRE F1 earbuds give a playtime of 8hours per charge, 208 hours total playtime, noise cancellation, and touch control.

The ENACFIRE F1 buds boast of having the most extended single charge playtime available; 8hrs per charge. It also packs a smooth bass and perfect audio, almost producing a 3D stereo sound quality effect while listening to music. These touch-controlled earbuds are IPX8 waterproof certified; you do not need to worry about water splashes and sweat damaging your buds.

Pairing on headphones has never been as easy as the way the ENACFIRE F1 makes it seem; it connects once the earbuds casing is opened. These buds have also been ergonomically designed to provide comfort to your ears.


  • Excellent battery life
  • One of the best product customer service


  • Multi-function buttons can get confusing


With its super comfortable and lightweight design, the Tiksounds Bluetooth sleep headphones are super cool and offer IPX7 waterproofing.

Getting the Tiksounds Bluetooth buds guarantees that you will be able to charge and use your buds while listening to music. The earbuds are also coated with nanocrystals to make them water and sweat-resistant. With Bluetooth 5.0 and FPS antenna you are guaranteed that long distance Bluetooth connections from your device to your earbuds while still maintaining a strong signal.

With these buds, the internal microphones are powered with CVC 8.0 and noise-canceling technology, ensuring that background noises are reduced by 60% while making your voice 90% clearer. The buds also guarantee full playtime of up to 36 hours. At 4.9g, these buds can be comfortably worn, and the charging case can be easily moved around.

Smart touch ensures that you get the best with just the touch of a button. You should also be able to enjoy more precise frequencies with increased bandwidth. The bass on these buds could be said to be two times better than many other headphones for sleeping because the bass's sound quality is greatly improved by 43%.


  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Good battery performance


  • The instruction manual is hard to read and comprehend
  • Clicking is a big issue


Talk about headphones for sleeping with a fast Bluetooth transmission speed; the TOZO NC9 wireless buds should be on that list. It also offers a noise-isolating and blocking technology and music time of about 8hrs per charge.

The three-layered active noise blocking feature highlights this earbud. It has an outward-facing microphone, inward-facing microphone, and ear caps. These layers select the sounds that should be getting into your ears and those that should be filtered out. There are two inbuilt voice canceling microphones that pick up only what you say while removing any other sound from the environment.

With the TOZO NC9, you should be able to charge the earbuds using the casing about four times while enjoying 8hrs of continuous music. These buds also pack a 9.2mm drive that promises to deliver excellent sound quality while you listen to music. TOZO NC9 boasts that their 9.2mm drive is, in fact, two times better than other drives on several devices.

The advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology on this device can be used with HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP. Other features include the east touch button, the ability to pair easily, IPX6 waterproof, waterproof technology, and silicone earcaps to give your ears the best when it comes to comfort.


  • It packs one of the best three-layered noise-canceling technology


  • Noise cancellation only works if it is on before you pick a call


Is it safe to sleep with Earbuds?

Using earbuds for sleeping is safe as long as you are using it the right way. Many of the selected buds in this article are safe to sleep with since they have features that ensure that you do not exert unnecessary pressure on your ears.

What are the benefits of sleeping with earbuds?

Here are some reasons for sleeping with ear headphones.

  • Music helps you fall asleep easier and faster, so with your buds playing music directly into your ears, you can be sure that unwanted noise is shut off, and getting a good night's rest should be a piece of cake.
  • Studies have shown that sleeping with musical sound can treat insomnia and several other sleeping disorders. Music has been linked to being a significant factor in serotonin's stimulation, which is a chemical in the brain that makes us feel good. When we feel good, falling asleep will be easy.

How do you sleep comfortably with sleeping earbuds?

To sleep comfortably with your buds, follow these tips.

  • Opt for the best wireless earbuds and wear only one earbud. When you wear an earbud on one side, sleep on your side not wearing a earbud; this will take off the pressure from your left ear. If you prefer sleeping with both buds, you will need to stop side sleeping and maybe try sleeping on your back instead.
  • Secondly, you might need to consider other options like sleeping with a sleep headband, a headband style sleepband, bedphones, or acousticsheep sleepphones.

How can I make my sleeping earbuds more comfortable?

  • For your buds to be more comfortable, you need to select the right size buds for your ears, and you need to wear them the right way.
  • Wear the buds at a 90-degree angle to your ear.
  • Make sure the tips of the buds are made from silicone materials.


The best wireless sleep headphones that made it to this list were chosen based on factors like the buds' durability, comfortability, and noise-canceling ability of the earbuds for sleeping.

While deciding if a bud is durable, we had to consider features like the material used in making the buds, the water and sweat resistance capacity. For comfort, we noted the ergonomics of each of the ear headphones and the type of tips used.

Lastly, we took a deep dive into each of these buds' noise-cancelling ability since the aim of this article was to select the best headphones that will block out noise and ensure that you sleep well when and anywhere you want.

If you need a pair of ear headphones for sleeping, you should consider the best sleep earbuds on this list.

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