16 Things to do with Laptop

A laptop is just not for work. It is a device to serve different purposes both for work and fun. Different people have different preferences while buying a new laptop computer to use in day-to-day life. But many don’t know various least known as well as some common features.  But there are a lot of ideas available which you can adopt to use the laptop wisely. In this article, we will discuss some widely effective things you can do with a laptop:

Update the Operating System

It is inevitable that before you bought a brand new laptop, the device sat idle for several months in the shop. So once you start using it, make sure you update the operating system of your laptop. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the latest features and updated system security on your device.

To get started with the process on Windows 10, go to Start Menu, type Settings on the search box, go to Update and Security, and click Check for Updates.

On macOS, find the Apple menu in the upper left corner, go to System Preferences > Software Update.

If you have macOS High Sierra, visit the MAC App Store for updates. Then search for macOS there and download the latest version available.

On Linux, check out the current kernel stable version from the official Linux Kernel Website for updates. On the bottom of the Kernel PPA webpage, you will find some candidate versions along with the latest stable kernel. Grab three of the files and save them. Then open up the terminal, use some necessary commands, and install the files.

Finally, on Chrome OS, you will get an automated update if you always connect your laptop to WiFi. Whenever you find that Chrome OS has downloaded the required file, you can simply restart your device to enjoy the features of the updated operating system.    

Learn New Skills

Skills are precious to achieve long term success in life. Most of us often spend money in vain to learn new skills. But your own laptop can be a great tool to make yourself skillful by knowing something new, something fruitful. So put learning a new skill in your wish list through your computer.

You might think where is the resource? Well, as we previously said, you can attend different academic classes online to learn software packages like MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and many more. Here, we are mentioning some of the effective online learning platforms:


Coursera is one of the best online courses you can do on your laptop. The platform offers a wide range of courses both at an academic and skill-based level. From Engineering or Medical knowledge to professional skill development, Coursera is unique in providing high-quality education to the students.

Professors and teachers from reputed educational institutions teach the courses to students across the globe. So to develop your skill,  you can choose any course that goes with your arena of interest.


Udemy is another excellent platform for learners around the world to attend online classes. You can simply register on the online site and get the opportunity to learn from successful experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs of the world.

Data Science, Health,  Lifestyle, Web Development, etc are some of the arenas that Udemy covers to teach the students globally at a cost-efficient rate.


Similar to Coursera or Udemy, eDX is one of the effective online sites to provide courses for more than 160 universities. Some of the world-class universities in this list are Harvard, Georgetown, Berkeley, and so on.


Udacity is also a renowned online learning site to arrange a vast number of programs for global students. You can pursue an attractive career by enriching your skillset via enrollment in any of the Udacity featured courses.

Learn A New Language

Learning a new language is always beneficial in so many aspects. In adult life, a new language learning process is a bit slow and steady but challenging too.

But with your laptop, you can easily learn a new language by browsing various online courses from different sites.

New Language

Duolingo is unarguably the most commonly used language learning platform to the users. They have an intuitive user experience and a game-like approach that makes the overall process thrilling and addictive.

Open Culture

Open Culture is helpful in learning so many popular languages like English, French, Spanish, and many more. They offer a total of 48 languages from which you can choose your desired one to learn.


Communication is the key to learn a new language more conveniently. Live mocha offers free lessons for 35 languages to the learners. Also, you can connect with speakers from over 190 countries to practice your speaking.

Watch Tutorials on YouTube

watch tutorials

Real-life experience is difficult to acquire nowadays. But what’s the worry when you have YouTube? If you are weak in cooking, watch cooking videos from skilled cooks on YouTube. Again, if you wish to learn how to play a guitar or a violin, you can take the help of a professional musician on YouTube.

However, you will find so many tutorials here and there. So we suggest you filter the ones that are prepared for the beginners and come in a step by step process.

Gather Knowledge

Humans are always keen to learn new things. Your laptop can be a great source of learning new things. Wikipedia can be one of the ideal options for gathering some knowledge. Also, there are many more options available such as Quora, blog sites, or any knowledge sharing page or group in social media sites.

Read Books

If you are a book lover, what else can be the perfect companion other than a laptop to read your favorite books?

At present, so many books of international writers are available online to read. Many of them are out of your budget to purchase online. So the only way is to read them online on a mobile, tablet, or laptop. Mobile phones have tiny screens while tablets don’t come with as large screens as laptops.

So among all, the laptop is the most efficient way where you can read books on a larger screen with much more flexibility.

Write Blogs

Nowadays writing is no more constrained in the page and pen. Writers use gadgets to take notes and store them online.

If you are also fond of writing, your laptop is the perfect tool to nurture your skill. In your spare time, you can write a blog or prepare web content to publish on any blogging site.

There are so many niches available to pick the right one according to your preference like Sports, Politics, Science, Technology, Fashion and Lifestyle, Education, and others.

Moreover, you can write review articles on different products that are available on an e-commerce site. By promoting these products via your articles, you can earn affiliate commission as well from such a site.

Make Screen Dark

The dark mode is a common feature nowadays. People use it on all types of devices. In laptops, both Windows and macOS offer the dark mode.

On Windows, go to the Start menu, click the Settings cog on the start menu, and open it. There you will find Personalization on the top right side. Click it, select Colors and then choose Dark Mode.

On macOS Mojave, you can turn it on easily. To enable it, go to the Apple menu, open System Preferences, and choose General and Dark.

Maintain A Secured Password

If you own a PC, a secured and safe password is necessary on your device. No matter if you use Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS, you can set up a password on the computer in some easy steps.

Moreover, if you have a password but want to change it, you can do that as well.

To change or set up a new password, follow the steps:

Strong password
  • Click the Start button
  • Click again the Settings icon
  • Select Accounts
  • Choose Sign-in options from the menu
  • Find the Password option
  • Click Change your account password
  • If you logged in to your Microsoft account, you will be able to change the password. Otherwise, log in first from the Microsoft account and then change the password.

Optimize Power Settings

One of the main purposes of using laptops is portability. So users expect their laptops with long battery life. Adopting a few tweaks can certainly help you optimize the power settings of your laptop.

Firstly, you can reduce the display brightness. Find the battery percentage icon on the bottom right part of your laptop screen, click on battery settings, choose the display and you will get the option to minimize the brightness level of your laptop screen. However, we suggest you not to make it too dim. Otherwise, it might result in eye fatigue and cause harm to your eyesight.

Also, you can get a good service from your laptop battery by checking out the Windows 10 power options. To get started with the process, go to Settings> Power & Sleep > Additional power settings.

On macOS, you can perform it by going to System Preferences > Energy Server from the Apple menu.

Connect with Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a savior these days for laptop computer users to keep updated with the data on all the devices. In many cases, we use such information that we have to modify it on different devices. If you can store them on any cloud storage, you can easily handle them either with your laptop or mobile phone. Hence, connecting your laptop with cloud storage is something that results in an efficient work rate for you.

Cloud storage

There are several options to keep your necessary data and files safe and sound on the cloud. Google Drive is the most widely used one of all. By logging in via your Google account, you get 15GB of storage for free in Google Drive.

Also, you can use Microsoft OneDrive that comes with your Microsoft account. Dropbox is another common cloud storage option to store your files.

Use Phone Apps

Many users have favorite apps on their mobile phones that we would love to use on our laptops. But do you know these mobile apps have computer versions to use as well? There are plenty of ways to use phone apps on the computer but many are completely in the dark about this issue.  If you are also one of them, here we are describing the secret of using any phone app on your laptop.

At first, download an Android app emulator, preferably Bluestacks on your laptop. You will get a customized home screen to get access to the Google Play Store. Search the phone app that you want to download.

Once the step is done, the app will appear on the Windows or macOS home screen as well as on BlueStacks’ home screen. Finally, double click on the icon to run the app.

Customize the taskbar notification area

The taskbar notification area on Windows 10 is easily customizable. It is located at the right bottom of the taskbar containing a plethora of notification icons like a battery, Wi-Fi, volume, clock, calendar, and action center. If you want to modify the appearance of any notification icon, you can do the following steps:

Move your cursor to the empty space of the taskbar, right-click, and select taskbar settings. You will find the Notification area option. Select the icons that you want to appear on the taskbar. If you want an icon to get removed, specify it as well.

Watch Movies & TV Shows

Who doesn’t love to watch movies and TV shows with friends and family? Indeed, they are a great source of fun and enjoyment. Previously, we only used to watch videos on TV. On another note, we went to theaters and cinema halls to watch movies as well. But now the situation is a lot different than ever. There are a lot of options to watch your favorite movies or TV shows on your laptop. With media players like VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player, you can watch any video offline. With an internet connection, you can stream video clips, movies from any movie streaming platform.

Set Up VPN

VPN is an integral part of a liberal internet usage experience on your PC. You can find random cartoons, funny videos, cat videos available on any platform. But sometimes many videos are out of the geographic region that refrains you from watching them.

If you want to watch such a video, setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can resolve your issue. Your connection will remain encrypted by the app and your region will also not be traced.

There are various VPN service providers available. Just make sure you use a reliable and good quality VPN so that you can enjoy a safe service.

Stream Music

Streaming music from your phone to the PC is something enjoyable anyone would do to do. If you feel bored and want to spend your spare time, one of the best ways is to use the Bluetooth device to have a wire-free audio experience.

To perform that, open the Settings options, go to Devices, find Bluetooth & Other Devices in the left sidebar.

Switch on the toggle switch at the top. To add your phone, choose to add Bluetooth or other devices

  • Select Bluetooth
  • Choose your mobile phone from the list
  • A PIN might be asked to enter to confirm the pairing of the devices
  • Once it is done, you are ready to enjoy music at home without any hiccups

Stream Games From Console

If you are a crazy gamer, obviously you are pretty familiar with either Xbox or PS4. If you want to stream your games alongside playing them, you can do that using a laptop.

Gaming console

If you play games on PS4, download the PS4 Remote Play App for Windows or macOS and enable the streaming.

On the other hand, if you own an Xbox one, you can use the Xbox app to stream your games on the laptop.

Connect with People

Once nobody had the imagination of connecting with someone living far away. But now in the modern world, keeping a connection with others is much easier than ever. Alongside the mobile phone, you can also use a PC to connect with people. Browse the social media sites that you use most. It can be Facebook, Whatsapp, or Viber. By opening an account on a social media platform, you can communicate with friends and family members living away within moments.

Final Words

A laptop is a versatile gadget that gives you tons of things to do with the device. There is literally nothing you cannot do with the computer. The only thing you have to do is having ideas about what your laptop can do for you.

Many users only use laptops for browsing sites, chatting on Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube. But a laptop offers you much more than that. No matter if you use Windows or Mac OS on Apple devices, you always have lots of things to do with your laptop. Here we pointed out an enriched list of what are the beneficial things you can do with your laptop.

Undoubtedly, your laptop is capable of offering many more things than we have described here. To explore new things every day and do awesome stuff with the device.

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